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    Westworld Mafia

    Never implied that you weren't active. I know Bona, Nana, and Plas have played with Aura before (I'm pretty sure about Bona, but not certain; the other two have for sure). I don't know about the rest of the roster. Silence != vote block. I wanted to be sure. Generally a trap is block + save + can't be lynched + player can't talk + player can't vote. I needed to check if the other aspects of a typical trap were still present. re: Indy being invulnerable N1: you got me, I didn't read the OP closely enough. And yes, it would be ideal to kill the Indy now, but unless you have a good read, we can't do much. one more thing: could you do me a favor and change the colors of the votes so that each person has a different color? I would do it, but mobile makes it rather difficult.
  2. flamebirde

    Westworld Mafia

    Well, this is interesting at least. Nana's claimed one of two roles, keeping herself from the RID but still somewhat clearing herself. We won't know if the Indy acted, but I wasn't blocked, so we know the Indy didn't act on me (or at least I know that; you guys have to trust me here). My bet is that the baddie is either Nana, Bona or Plas. Whoever it was had to be active and had to know that Aura is experienced/otherwise a good target. It's unlikely that it would be random, in my opinion. I'll vote Bona for now, just to get some conversation going. By by the way, is there any reason you said "Never vote for the person who's voting for you" and then immediately did just that? Of course, we could have gotten ridiculously lucky and Aura was the Indy. But that's obviously pretty unlikely.
  3. flamebirde

    Westworld Mafia

    The only two people who should act tonight are the save and the spy (Cementine and Maeve).
  4. flamebirde

    Westworld Mafia

    Present! Also, keep in mind that (barring any saves) if we mislynch day 1 then day 2 will be a 2v1v1, with the Indy likely trapping himself, with the baddie and 2 goodies active in the lynch. The baddie will then remove one vote for himself, making the game 1 goodie vs 1 Indy leading to a RID kill N2 ending the game with a Indy win. this can be avoided if the baddie doesn't remove a vote D2, but as he has no incentive either way (in both cases, he dies) then there's no way to tell. Generally, though, and Indy win is more preferable than a goodie win for the informed minority. and, of course, this all depends on everyone knowing everything. To avoid this scenario where goodies cannot win, Hector should pick N2 kill and should target his best guess for the baddie N2 (since Indy will likely selftrap). Lastly, this is pretty unlikely because the goodies have vote manips too, among a lynch save and other such backup tools. But, should Dolores die, this is our best option. Questions: Does the Indy's trap stop the target from being able to vote? Do RID/NK/goodie kills happen simultaneously? i.e. If Dr. ford targets Hector for a kill, do both die (if no one else interferes)?
  5. Since I got offed in Elemental Chaos... put me in, coach!
  6. Mind explaining how exactly the answer counts as a number? I still don't get it.
  7. Nope, I retract that, it should be
  8. If anyone's still working on this, I also have this...
  9. If calculators can be used, then the problem is simple. Without a program or calculator, though...
  10. But why Lionel Ritchie? Are the Commodores significant, or was it just a random song? For a moment, I thought one of you was claiming indy because you mentioned songs, but then I was like "Why would anyone claim indy D1?" Apparently part of becoming a good mafia player is knowing your music.
  11. Man. I told Araver that there was a chance Molly was the Indy and just claimed shopowner to get the real shopowner to our, but I gave that like a five percent chance. Overall, I messed up pretty badly. I felt sure that MiKi was the Indy; her outing would probably have lead to a Molly lynch... but to be honest, Molly completely played me. I was incredibly surprised when both MiKi and Mo flipped goodie, because I thought for sure that Molly was a goodie. well played, all; sorry to the goodies who I failed, and congrats to both Bonanova and Molly for an incredibly well played game. also, I'm still incredibly confused with this Lionel Richie nonsense.
  12. No, you don't understand. If we both die, then no one wins. It's a tie game, not a joint win.
  13. It's clear enough who you are. Not really much of a surprise there... but I still have a shot at this. Let's make a deal- I won't RID kill you tonight, and you won't kill me tonight, which would result in a goodie win. Or, you don't kill tonight, I don't kill tonight, then tomorrow we lynch Molly and then kill each other the next night, resulting with a tie Indy and baddie win.
  14. No, actually the goodies just lost. My reaction to Bonanova's flash vote was a mistake; I thought Panther was a goodie... No, Molly, even if I were the mayor it's still game over. If I'm right, Bonanova still has his vote manip. Well played, Bonanova.
  15. It's a tie game. I screwed over my own team. That one's my fault.
  16. Well, if I'm a goodie, there's only one I can be after that little play. Consider that my claim. I suspect we've lost. My gamble was a bet that you were a goodie, Molly, but that didn't work out. We'll probably get at least one nongoodie in this lynch, but it remains to be seen. If MiKi was the baddie, then she would have been forced to manip a vote onto Maurice. And after the vote manip is factored in, Mo's definitely dead. Not the way I wanted this to turn out. On the other hand, if she's the indy and mo's the baddie, we win and this whole little scuffle meant nothing in the end. If bonanova's the baddie, he changed his vote at the last second to save himself, which means MiKi and Mo are either indy-goodie or goodie-indy, which means either way we got the indy, which is a good trade. But if bonanova's the indy, it's game over -- three goodies dead and a baddie is almost a guarantee that the indy wins with the RID kill. Well, I'll hit the sack for tonight. If the game's over, well played all.
  17. 1. maurice - voting for MiKi 2. Flamebirde- voting for maurice 3. Molly Mae - voting for MiKi 5. MiKi - voting for maurice 7. bonanova - voting for MiKi Hirkala - NK1 by baddies Panther - NK2 by baddies Damn, was that in time? It doesn't look like it. Well, this makes the next lynch very clear cut, if we have one. It looks like the final roster is what Bonanova posted. For better or worse.
  18. Roster: 1. maurice - voting for MiKi 2. Flamebirde - voting for Bonanova 3. Molly Mae - voting for MiKi 5. MiKi - voting for maurice 7. bonanova - voting for maurice Hirkala - NK1 by baddies Panther - NK2 by baddies Might not be a conversation tonight, if this plays out well. I've weighed the options quite a bit and played the probabilities. One of you is going to be a martyr, and if MiKi's a baddie or Molly isn't a goodie than the jig's up for us. But if we mislynched today, it would already be futile... Here's hoping.
  19. Enlighten me, then, on your reads of players.
  20. So... Bonanova, you're claiming Mo and Molly are the baddie/Indy pair?
  21. Well, let me put it this way; MiKi's probably not a goodie, just because she's not said anything. Place my vote on MiKi. the Bonanova-Mo thing is interesting, but not relevant, since we can just lynch MiKi today. But really, the Indy should be our target for sure. If we lynch Mick, then DJ has a chance of winning outright, and odds are that one of the two goodies already killed were one of his targets, meaning with his RID kill things get bad. Quick.
  22. No, it doesn't look like we can make that assumption. Since there isn't any information contained in the flavor text that isn't explicitly stated in the TL;DR version, the Baker could still be alive. Basically, ignore the flavor text. if you want the information we gained from a phase, just look at the TL;DR.
  23. @araver are there any hints in the day post? that is to say, is there information contained in the flavor text that isn't contained in the tl;dr version?
  24. Well, I'm alright with a bloodless D1. I doubt the baddie is willing to waste a ODTG vote redirect here, seeing as how that manip is vital in an endgame.
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