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    CHORE so, s as the first letter can't be right. neither can l or f be the second letter. o or t can't be the third letter, o,e,and t can't be the fourth letter, so I'm basically saying that r in the fourth slot is right.
  2. wow, that's really descriptive. I wish I could have the same eloquence with words and religion.
  3. So, I was just wondering, does brainden have an official theme song? If not, then we should come up with one.
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    SCORE FLOOR AFTER Edit: nice job, Maurice.
  5. flamebirde

    Newbie Mafia

    darn it! I wanted to play, but the roster's full and plus I'm leaving in like 2 days...
  6. flamebirde

    Oh... thanks for clearing that up.
  7. flamebirde

    okay, i think what happens is... please tell me if this is really a paradox or what...
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