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  1. gvg

    Actually, i kinda like it =)=)
  2. gvg

    Edit* Nevermind, i typed it in wrong
  3. gvg

    I almost feel like I want to seem him in court, just to see what these insurance files are all about. If it's questioning, and those are the claims, he'll be fine. Don't kill the messenger, people =)
  4. gvg

    Well, I dunno. the charges were dropped (something I read, dunno if it's true) at an earlier time, and then right after the big release, they came up again when the USA complained. So, I dunno. Anybody actually know?
  5. gvg

    And... Assange has been arrested in England on sexual assault charges (two seperate accounts I think).
  6. gvg

    Yes, that's true. I did have a major problem with that part. That plus the good makes me look at it in a neutral light. It's good for some things, bad for others.
  7. gvg

    I dunno, felt like it was sciencey =)
  8. gvg

    The gov. has just told columbia law students,, and other Federal prospects around the country, that the mere mention of wikileaks will prevent them from being hired. This includes on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Um, red flag anyone?
  9. gvg

    It is, but it says a lot about our war practices. Very Vietnam like. Anybody expect something other than that?
  10. Completely right. But, I het to say it like this, those hyper-conservatives are dying out. Eventually, when the new generation takes over, we might look into this kind of thing. The irony is that we are actually BEHIND many countries, and doin an EU type system would actually be a benefit. But let's not bother conservatives with facts. It could hurt thier brains =)
  11. Agreed =) And that is an interesting experiment. But I want to know one thing: If the bowl emptied, would that end it there and then? If so, then what the participants did was smart for them, if not, then I'm shocked that the first person didn't take the enire bowl each time. Just wondering. But I agree with all the points you made. Personally, instead of something like NAFTA, I think Cnanda, the US, and Mexico should become a sort of North American EU. It would solve a lot of problems (illegal immigration, etc.) no?
  12. gvg

    What i think the argument is is that, with your example, it was determined that the bet would be made and that you would raise the opposite hand. It seems like you have free will, but in truth your choice is sealed. Randomness, on the other hand, is something completely random. It just happens. I don't know if we can, or will, ever observe something truly random. Maybe at the microscopic level, but then, I am not a quantum physicist.
  13. gvg

    Haven't seen anyone's answer, so I hope I'm not repeating:
  14. gvg

    Welcome to the Den last =)
  15. gvg

    Really? Sex crimes? When did this 'fact' come out? Governments don't like being found out is all.
  16. gvg

    I agree with everything written here. To me, if it doesn't risk the lives of Military personnel (like releasing military plans, etc.), it's fine. The gov. shouldn't say anything it didn't want anyone to know. From what I've seen, it is a lot of memos insulting foreign ministers. I saw the video of the copters, btw. Absolutely disturbing. He treated it like it was Call of Duty. At one point he was begging the injured journalist to pick up a weapon so he could shoot him. And the van... it was just horrifying.
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