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    I have to say that if there are multiple universes, many major religions will have to revise their thinking, because we would obviously not be very special. Thus, religions would have to move to one of three possibilities: 1. God did a lot of experimenting, and we are just one of his experiments. 2. There is no God 3. There are multiple Gods
  2. gvg

    The turtles comment was one made to a famous physicist by an older woman. She said that Earth was supported by an infinite stack of turtles. I think he used this to point out the infinite amount of multi-verses part.
  3. gvg

    Seeksit: 1. I don't think that many things have to answer answer to the question with anything other than 'because'; 'why not?'; or, in the case of the universe, ' because otherwise nothing would be able to observe it and ask why.' 2. Like UtF, I think it is black and white. True or false, does or does not. 3. Again, look to UtF's answer =) 4. Again, it exists or it does not. It is there or it isn't. However, I am interested in the what ideals of Taoism are, and I've never heard of Neoplatonism. Please fill me in =)
  4. gvg

    I realized that 4 was a restated version of 3. Thus, it is possible that in other universes, these things exist. This is the type of thing that needs to be observed for a definitive answer.
  5. Just replied to it =) If someone ever comes up with another good political idea to debate on this thread, I will be watching. =)
  6. gvg

    1. Woah. Each time I've seen this it has caught me off guard. To answer I'll go with something I can't remember the name of: There's something so that something can study the something ask why it is there. It may seem like avoiding the question, but I think it's sufficient. 2. Same answer; I can think of nothing better, unless there is a God (I believe so, but we can leave that alone =) Unless, of course, it is important to the discussion). 3. I think yes, and there is a theory that the big bang is actually our universe colliding with another every trillion years, causing the effects we call the big bang. Just as I doubt that we are the only life in the universe, I doubt that we are the only universe in existence. 4. This is a toughy, and I'd first like to see what you think; I don't have much of an opinion on this. 5. Repetition of three, with the same answer. 6. 1st parts a repeat; the second part: It may well tell us nothing. For all we know, our laws of physics could be different from other universes (which would blow many of my beliefs in to the most likely wrong category =)), or it could be the same laws, but maybe with anti-matter, or more matter than dark energy, etc. If there are other universes, we would have to reach them first, cross through the membranes somehow (wormhole?) and look and see. Heck, we could have a universe full of nothing but black holes (scary thought). I would like to ask though: what do you think is on the other side of a black hole, if there is one? Does it really rip you to shreds, or is it a passageway of sorts, a one-way tunnel?
  7. I didn't really look at every question on each of the links, just skimmed em. I'd like to make a new thread with your rules. Are you going to start it or do you want me to?
  8. Here's a few: http://www.saviodsilva.net/philosophical-questions.htm http://www.answerbag.com/category/philosophy_535 http://able2know.org/topic/148090-1 http://pespmc1.vub.ac.be/eterques.html I say we start a new thread. It seems interesting enough.
  9. UtF: Yep. =) Yeah, it is a little hard to answer that. I think we have a common ancestor, but we will only know if we both have souls if we die and find oaks in heaven =) Or, maybe there's a tree heaven Quag: I meant the necessities, and I was trying to show that because such things like food or water will be provided to you, there wouldn't be any fighting over those things. I think you can think and remember and make decisions in heaven, but don't want to do evil in heaven because, as UtF described it: It should be a fun experience, and obviously everyone has a different idea of fun, so... And obviously we can try to make a utopia. Wasn't what we are (or were, this is getting very philosophical) trying to do in a way? I just think we may get close, but never reach it.
  10. Unreality: yes. To me, heaven is a true utopia. You don't really need to fight over anything, as it is provided to you (if you even need things like food or water). Everyone is happy. In this way, it is a Utopia. I don't know what the standard definition is, but I define a utopia as a place where there is always a sense of peace, tranquility, and happiness that never wavers; all that anyone ever truly wants in life, which they try to achieve through things like money and supposed 'perfect' governments. Of course, there is no proof for or against heaven and hell until we die and find out, so I guess there are no proven utopias. Anyway, don't fuss over the religious stuff too much, although... Jarze: ...that is an interesting question. I think it is the truest essence of a person, something that cannot be seen or judged until we reach heaven, if there is one. It isn't really a physical entity, more like a recording, a sorta invisible movie. There is a good chance, to me, that there could be two souls: A physical that is rewarded or punished based on what is recorded on the other one. The former is the one that can 'think, remember, and make critical decisions in heaven.' Once again, though, I am forced to take the agnostic stance on this, although I lean towards the side of its existence.
  11. Unreality: Interesting, but for the reasons we discussed with UtF's original idea, not possible. And they toss around the word 'utopia' a lot. Let's be honest: There's no such thing as a utopia, nor will there ever be (well, I believe in heaven but let's not get into that =)).
  12. Completely understand =) It is getting pretty random anyway...
  13. gvg

    Evidence of God's Design

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: This is getting slightly ridiculous...
  14. gvg

    Evidence of God's Design

    OK, I don't think we should continue this. I've gotten into these types of battles, and they can go on for a while. I had one with someone that lasted for, oh, MONTHS. So yeah. =)
  15. I meant to say neither 100% chance nor 100% predetermined (thus, I suppose, indeterministic). Better?
  16. gvg

    Evidence of God's Design

    Glad you approve (edit: typo)
  17. (I might have said all of this already, so please ignore it if I did; I'm too lazy to check ) I agree with Izzy on the multiple choices thing. To me, the universe is not 100% anything (deterministic or random). And... Bah. Darn English language. Once again, I explain it better in the evidence of God's design thread. It does sound better when it's in your thoughts =)
  18. gvg

    Evidence of God's Design

    ...and once we get there, I will surrender willfully. As for the link, well, I see what they're saying. Really, though, it cannot be fully disproved, just as it cannot be fully proved. I guess we have to wait until we die, and by then, it's to late to tell anyone. ONCE AGAIN, I'm very open to scientific discoveries. Once I started to learn about the universe, about physics (to a point; it's confusing as hell) and, most importantly, about evolution, I stopped allowing myself to be spoon fed information from my church. I noticed contradictions. For example, they say that God knows everything that will happen, thus pointing to only one future. However, they constantly push free will into our faces. If God knows what will happen, how can it be free will? Things like these began the questioning. I saw history shows on religious based horrors, like the inquisitions or crusades. And I'm thankful that I was mentally strong enough to do so. My beliefs are based on my transition, and my belief that science and religion CAN come together in a beautiful way. You may think that it's because of my unwillingness to fully let go (not what I think, I basically changed religions over the span of a few months). That's my conclusion; take from it what you will.
  19. gvg

    Evidence of God's Design

    ...But nothing that completely disproves it. I will read it though, if I get the chance.
  20. gvg

    Evidence of God's Design

    ...Of course I think that's what agnosticism is. Please enlighten me.
  21. gvg

    Evidence of God's Design

    ...So it seems like agnosticism is the only logical conclusion. I guess I can agree with it; there isn't any evidence either way, just a person's beliefs and the reason why they believe as they do. So I guess I'm agnostic. New discoveries each day =)
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