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    Ok, what I meant by cool is that it seems like an undogmatic, peaceful way of life that has beliefs close to mine, like karma. Now, I haven't gotten around to seeing phronism yet, but I'll tell you when I do =) But believe me, I am the last person to follow someone else's belief because it's 'cool.' That's not what I meant.
  2. gvg

    Alrighty. So, just starting to go in depth in Buddhism in school, and from what I've seen so far, it looks pretty cool. I did just get something about Buddhism on my Kindle haven't started it yet), and truthfully, I am thinking about becoming Buddhists. Seems kinda awesome. I knwo the whole thing about "It's more of a lifestyle." Well, I need someone to explain. Give me everything you know. I want to see if this matches me. Also, I've read about something in Buddhism that is very sexist: Something about the laws of why monks are over nuns in all aspects. Am I interpreting this wrong? Someone fill me in. So, anything and everything. Also about any others. I know confucianism, I know daoism/taoism. A bit on Jaidism. Any more I dunno about?
  3. gvg

    Well, I don't know much about the Fed, but the idea of a private bank owned by the richest people/families/companies in the world haveing anything to do with US money.... makes me nervous.
  4. gvg

    Quag: Exactly what I meant =) Peace: Ah yes, Beiber. 300 mil. views. Bleh. I dunno how that happened. Maybe we should worry about the world's taste for music huh? =)
  5. gvg

    Woah. I had no idea. I wondered why people hated the Fed. It's private? And nobody knows whoo really owns it? Ridiculous. By the rich for the rich. I see. But I need it exlained some more. First off, why can't the gov. just cut ties with it? (This is probably a stupid question, but snce it's unconstitutional, i wonder why they can't.) This did teach me a bit though. If I find the time, I'm going to look through it again to try and better understand it. And I don't know if this was explained in the video, but how did America become fed? Does the fed own EVERY bank?
  6. gvg

    I'm so sorry EDM. Hope wherever he is, he's in a better place.
  7. gvg

    I don't think mine can have a nickname... so....
  8. gvg

    Edit: Grammar. You weren't kidding about the end. Quite a strong atheist. From my wonderful agnotic perspective, the only question I payed attention to was: Why should I care? The answer? I don't. That's all. If all of this is real, and Christian/Jewish/Islamic (etc.) mythology is all ture, wonderful. Hasn't effected me so far, so I don't care. If god is the deistic version? Well, he/she/it is a smart person/thing. But it doesn't effect me. Why care? And if all of you loving atheists are right? Great- science for the win. If god is simply a force, or something so small it has no big part of my life... WHY should I care? See what I mean? That's rational. People attack each other over myths, over disbelief in myths, etc. Relgion, if it is truly not important, will die out eventually (natural selection, eat it =)). Attacking it will siply make believers more loyal. Let it simmer down. (Actually now that I think about it, I may be agnostic-atheist... ah, whatever). So, yeah. That's what I got. The ending is BS though. Having a belief doesn't make you delusional. There are many good reasons for religion (sense of community, good support system, good morals (that aren't religious), feeling of acceptance and love (a lifesaver for some people)). It helps people feel like they found themselves. When I was Christian (before I reached the age of reason =)), the feeling of love, the fact that something cares, even if I couldn't see it, the fact that someone was willing to die for me... it was a great feeling. I have since changed my views, but still, for people who have been beaten down by life, such a thing can be a life saver. Kudos to the creator though. That video should be seen by more people. But if that's the second most commented video on Youtube, what's the first? (Do you know?)
  9. gvg

    EPIC!!!! I do not have the patience to do that =)
  10. gvg

    Oh well. Looks like Solomon got it first =)
  11. gvg


    I think Dudley got it. That or Edit: typo
  12. gvg

    Woot! Great puzzle =)
  13. gvg

    It is unprovabkle (off to philosophy), but that doesn't mean it isn't true. Just means it isn't testable. Yet. Either way, it's a hell of a lot of fun to think about, no?
  14. gvg

    UN, I agree. I myself am in High School, and i must say that what this video describes is so true. I recently took an english quiz, a reading comprehension type of thing. It said that there was only one answer, whichever it happened to be, for each question. ridiculous. Especially after my teacher, who is thankfully not a "this is the answer, that's it" type of person, went through each one with us and started accepting other answers, or completely not counting questions that she deemed unfair. SS: Same result, if we argue for another answer well enough, my teacher (who sadly is not as open-minded as my english teacher, for better or for worse) would give us credit. Why don't they do that in the first place? Obviously, for things like Math, there really is only one answer. but for English and Science, especially, they should set up the test like this: Question A,B,C,D Explain your reasoning, or come up with a different answer and explain. Something like that? After all, each person will look at a question and answer it differently when there are truly many different answers. Things may be intepreted differently, etc. After all, short answer question answer keys don't have set answers, but tell graders to accept good, quality answers. Now, the priblem with the arts: I will admit, i dislike music and art. Why? I'm bad at it. Simple as that. I enjoy the fruits of the labors of artists, but I hate being the one that creates it. i do not, however, think art should go the way of the dodo in the school curriculumns. That's ridicukous. What they shouldn't do, however, is force people to take Music/Arts classes. All throughout middle school, and now in the first year of high school, I've been forced to take Music and Art. It's ruined my average everytime. I don't know why they can't inroduce Music, Art, Tech., etc. in the early years of middle school (6-7 grade), and then let kids choose from there. Those who want to join such things will do so anyway, and those who don't will be spared. Less hate for the arts. Now, Ionno, your idea is also part of the problem. Kids need to know when they've done wrong, but also need to know when they've done right. You need to here compliments once in a while. But don't bring gov. funding into the equation. I can come back easily with this: Which child will work harder, the one who's seen his/her parents work their a**** off to survive and help them prosper, or the rich boy who knows he has daddy's money to fall back on?
  15. gvg

    I knew you'd say something =) Merry festivus, then.
  16. gvg

    Yep. Happy holidays to all.
  17. gvg

    You're probably right. I might be. Just seems to fit in many cases, 'tis all. Anyways, this got WAY off track after I brought up donkeys. We're starting to split hairs, no?
  18. gvg

    Oh absolutely. i agree. Many 'packs' (dunno the official name) of apes are probably king of the hill in there area, and have little to no worries (well, other than us of course =) We seem to ruin everything). I bet they have at least some sense of philosophical concepts- after all, early man, still in partial ape form, came up with ancestor worship, sympathetic magic, etc. Who knows?
  19. gvg

    I know it's presumptious. I was simply basing it on the whole 'heirarchy of needs.' I know that for all we know, there is an extremely poor farmer somewhere who's figured out the meaning of life. I'm just sayng that more likely, I think you would have to find someone who's already met all of there basic, and not so basic, needs to have a great philosophical discussion. Think: If you had to choose, as a poor farmer, between getting a harvest of grain or using the same time to find the meaning of life, what would you pick? That's what I mean. And what do you mean by the great ape would be a better example?
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