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    That is the risk. As with any medicine these days. *sigh*
  2. gvg

    Could that work? That would be AMAZING. After we do the big ones, we're taking out the cold. Hate it.
  3. gvg

    Quag: Ah, I only saw the first definition on wiki. But still, I don't think he created the world, persay, more along the lines of created the laws of physics. Something like that sort of thing. He made the most basic, fundamental theory (the unified theory of physics perhaps? That we can't find yet? Because rreally, if you think about it, physics is the science of God; it explains everything, the same way religion attemots to (but, of course, fails miserably =))) and after that, away we went wiothout him. Don't know if that still qualifies as deism. Interesting, though: if we find enough evidence for the multiverse theory (last I checked, they were working on it to try and disprove the big bang with other looks at the background raditation. No idea after that. Anybody know?) everything will be flipped. Of course, it would be simple to say that a God started all of them, but that would be a very unlikely possibility, especially if (as multiverse theory claims) there a infinite, or a very large number of, universes (at this point, we would be getting into philosophy, wouldn't we? ) So many things to consider, to the point where (here comes agnosticism) I'm damn sure we'll never know. In fact, the only way we'll know if there is a God, or God's, or a force, whatever (For all we know, the olympians are waiting for us =)) is after we die, and find ourselves in a heaven or hell situation. Or if there isn't, and this is all, we'll never know. If reincarnations is true, we'll just be reborn, to once again wonder, and we still won't know. And I hate that, but it's true (and also very humbling, no?). Human knowledge is limited (See, I just matched the agnostic definition.). That's why when I talk about this stuff, I talk in if's, and never worry too much. I'll stick with what I'm very sure is true, good ol' Karma. And I was talking about my old church, Catholic. Look in history, and even nowadays. Stephen Hawking was informed by the Pope to not talk about the Big Bang, since, after all, it's God's big solo (of course, Hawking was having a show on it right after that ). That's what i mean. And others too, of course. And I, too, enjoy cookies. Especially big, soft, chewy chocolate chip cookies. Right out of the oven. YUM. Arch: Huh. I always thought that philosophy was a science. So much for that. And that video did do a great job, without being too cheesy. =) EDM: I hope not
  4. gvg

    Quag: Gotta love the dictionary And I understand what you're saying (and man, does that defintion match me). It's just hard to let go of old habits, you know? (I was born catholic, and just recently decided to look outside for answers. Much better than being spoon fed ) I don't know if He's there, I just have lived with Him so long that it's hard to imagine life without. I think something's there, and I just hope for a heaven and hell, to make up for the fact that many evil people avoid karma somehow, and many good people suffer (Yep, I believe in karma I've seen many ex. of such things. Exhibit A: I and other classmates studied very hard, and handed in every HW, right before a big test (not a final, it just counted a lot). Day of, I drew a blank (others did too). Completely lost everything. All of a sudden, sure I would fail: Bam. He lets us take it home. I got a 100 =) I'm not trying to brag, just the mot prominent ex. I can think of. But then, Osama is still ok. Karma kinda fails me there, which is why I hope for hell =( Although, he might be a special case... it's kinda not his fault, you know? He was raised that way... he doesn't know any better... Any way, off the rant =)) And last time I checked, the church hated everything, or almost everything, physics said. So...
  5. gvg

    LJ: You know, that's what I thought at first, and I don't remember what it was... Oh wait, i do. Deists are 100% sure God is there (At least it said so on Wiki... but you can't trust that can you? ). I'm not. Call it 50 50. I think he's there, but I see no proof. You know, I just thought of an interesting idea: What if 'God' is Science? That is to say, all that we attribute to God (Physical not moral here) is really science? The laws of Physics are God's grand scheme, evolution is his 'creationism.' I dunno. Would it be right to worship science? (Not saying I do, but it's an interesting idea. Or is what I just described atheism?)
  6. gvg

    I thought it was pretty good =)
  7. gvg

    :lol: :lol: :lol: It is SO TRUE!!!! :lol:
  8. gvg

    Very interesting. My grandpa had a fight with bone cancer for the past couple of years (he's better now, and driving ) and if these viruses that you have described were an option, he would have avoided a lot of the pain he went through (I'm assuming). Is anybody anywhere close to successful development of such a virus, or no? If you would have to give an estimation of the possible time it would take for such a cure to be on the market as an option, what would you say?
  9. gvg

    Octo: Makes sense. We'll call it a description then And yeah, where IS I'll pray for you? I've seen it so many times on this site alone Quag: I had just agnostic at first, but I changed it, because I think there is a difference between "Not sure, but don't think God's there" and "Not sure, but I think God's there." I with the second statement, but that doesn't mean my God is Christian like. To me, he's the starter, the law maker. He started it and hasn't touched anything since the beginning (Just like the last post I said, don't want to repeat myself.)
  10. gvg

    If this makes no sense I apologize. I'm sleepy. Finally watched the video. It definitely made me think. And many points in it are true. I sometimes, when I'm in a quiet place, think. i look at religion vs. science. I see the 'miracles' of one vs. the other. Science wins everytime. It just amazes me; I'm shocked into science everyday. And this guy also says what I think: NONE of this disproves God, a creator. If you look at it, you can call science (if you believe in God) the study of God. (otherwise, you call it science ) I also peaked at some of the other videos, but it was all stuff that I knew: Religion doesn't automatically = moral, you can be spiritual without belief in God, etc. etc. LJ: You see direct Godly intervention. I see a comlex system of learned talent mixed with almost random genetics, started with evolution, which began when life came together from organic matter, which happened after the earth was created 4.6 billion years ago, etc. etc. Now I also think that there is a God who started everything up by creating the laws of physics, then sitting back. he's there, but hasn't touched anything in 13.6 billion years (That's what it is right? Or is it 14.6? I forget.). Truthfully though, I don't really know... I see less of a reason for GOd everytime I look at it, but can't fully discount or prove him (that's why I'm agnostic) And even if bible areas are real, doesn't mean the stories are true. Sodom and Gomorrah could've have been destroyed by a fire, maybe a meteor shower. The calf might have been worshipped, but it doesn't mean anything punished them later.
  11. gvg

    Izzy: Very true. And I don't know if atheism is a religion or not. Can we say belief? or would it be a science?
  12. gvg

    Oh, that helps =)
  13. gvg

    BTW, I changed the choices after I made my first post. So a slight correction: I voted agnostic with God.
  14. gvg

    EDM: Woah, you're right. Didn't even think. Very sorry to all Muslims out there. VERY SORRY. =) It really wasn't on purpose. Now I'm VERY glad that I put in the 'other' option Tiger: Now that sounds interesting. Now I wonder if I am a mix. Though personally, I hate religious titles, just like I hate party systems. But since there is no other way to get views across quickly... *sigh*
  15. gvg

    I think I understand what you mean. And you're right, that is a good way to split option 1. Truthfully, I think that there is more than one universe (did you hear about multiverse theaory? In which the big bang is two or more universes crashing together and redistributing their energy throughout every billion years? Very interesting, i saw it on the history channel.) I didn't mean here; this is a very civilized discussion. I'm talking about elsehwere throughout the world. I'll try to add something that is (hopefully) more on topic next time, once i hget a chance to watch the video. Sorry about that, I just needed to write this somewhere.
  16. gvg

    Wenhao: It means that you either think God is there or not, but either way, you don't know (hence THINK). Least that's what I've always made it out to be. Izzy: Glad you're surprised =) Octo: I apologize. i really didn't know what it was, since I've only seen it mentioned once (I think it was one of Izzy's threads... The Jedi one maybe?) To anyone else offended by my leaving out there religion: I am sorry. I really am. Is there a way to still edit the poll and fix that, or is that it? Still figuring out the system a little
  17. Please people: Let's preach some sanity and tolerance, huh?

    1. TheCube


      But no san!ty was the only th!ng that gave us waffle fr!es.

  18. gvg

    Alrighty, please answer. If anyone cares, I'm agnostic. =) No religious bashing please. I just want to see the results.
  19. gvg

    It's just that this seemed like the best place to let loose, since i could see it was becoming a religious discussion. I had to say it somewhere. Sanity. Tolerance. I think we need to preach that a little more. Sorry, I'll shut up now =)
  20. gvg

    I have yet to watch the video. I just want to say something first, to both the atheist and fundamentalist sides (As well as all those in between) For starters: Who here knows the flood story? You know, the one in Greek mythology? Or Mesopotamian mythology? Or Roman? Jewish? Christian? Get my point? How is it that all of these myths (YES, myths.) are so similar at their core, but so varied in detail? You know, like MYTHS as the are infused in many different cultures? There are two (and ONLY two) possibilities: All never happened (Doesn't disprove God, just means that, well, the BIBle, Koran, Torah, etc. are MYTHS) or that everything is true (Which means we get to see Zeus in heaven =)) Just wanted to point that out. Second: Any know about the numbers physicists found? Like the mass of an electron, mass of a proton, etc.? The numbers that, if changed SLIGHTLY (Even by .000...000... etc. 1) would mean a different universe? (or possibly none at all?) AGAin, two, and only two, options emerge: luck, probability, whatever you wwant to call it, or a divine hand. (Again, this doesn't prove GOd, just that something is there, a force, whatever) Doesn't anyone realize that it's how you look at it? What your values are? There is no proof for God. There is nothing that proves He/She doesn't exist. It's how oyu look at it, and that's it. You never know till you die, and even then, you may never know. WHy fight wars, both with words and weapons, over this stuff? Why commit cromes "because he was against God?" Why bully people because they believe in a guy in the sky? As you can probably tell, I am agnostic. I'm here for a little sanity. Although I think God is there, and that He started everything (created the laws) and let it go, and the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc. are all MYTHS (Jesus was a real guy (historical roman records people, look it up), but you can't prove or disprove that he was the son of God, if God is there), that doesn't mean I am right. You must understand: I am here to tell you that with these things, these religous BELIEFS, it is about belief, not fact. We must speak in 'ifs', not yeses or nos. 'I think,' not 'it is true that...' Etc. If god (in whatever form) is there, I doubt he wanted this many problems(otherwise He himself can go to hell... yeah, I said it, and I'm still here). And if he isn't, why the hell do we care? Why argue? Sorry if I ranted too long. I just am here to preach sanity and tolerance. Now to watch the video... =) * edit for grammar... ignore any other mistakes. Sorry =)
  21. My comments: I have only one thing to say: Please, those atheists out there, do not mark moderate christians/Jews/Muslims etc. for what fundamentalists believe. I (though no longer ‘technically’ a Chrsitian myself [go agnostics =)], but I was) have seen many wonderful people, who simply never knew the bad parts of their beiefs. Many make there own bibles that leave out the bad stuff, and that is what they follow. You don’t have to be an atheist or an agnostic to be a humanist or to be humane. James: Beautiful. that’s what i meant. Some atheists shove their beliefs down others throats, the same way they claim fundamentalists do (though they ARE right). They too, to prove their beliefs, take out of context things. Although the Bible is definitely hateful, and the man on man part did mean gays. MODERATE. AGNOSTIC. LET’S GO. WE have to unite as well.
  22. Izzy: Although I'm not an atheist, this is exactly what America needs: logic and reasoning, humanism. The one thing I do like is that they said moderate CHristians/Jews/Muslims etc. were still in the right, despite the fact that this is an atheist ad campaign. Truthfully, fundementalism is bad, religious or otherwise. But the ones who are in it for the love, for the salvation, and not the hate and damnation, well, anti-religious people (you sometimes turn in this direction btw, but it isn't just you) need to understand that they (and before my agnostic change I would have said we) are not in the wrong here. We don't follow the bad stuff, and if I had to make my own bible, I'd cut to some proverbs here, some psalms here, good Jesus, and end. That's what I payed attention too, and what many, though not all (*cough* Paladino *cough*) did as well. I'm asking for sanity people. LISTEN TO STEWART AND COLBERT. Fight for what's right, compromise on what isn't important: why fight, die, and kill for a belief that's SUPPOSED to be peaceful? That's my thoughts; sorry if I ranted towards the middle there (again, I wasn't calling you out). =)
  23. Well, I don't go by the mantra of letting trolls lie... I like to get 'em going, than ignore them =)
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