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    Just saying, I too changed my views because of this. Over the summer of 2010. great Summer =) Catholic-> Agnostic-> agnostic atheist And Peace: You're right, it's a very problem filled and contradictory argument. Very easy to show it, too.
  2. gvg

    I just said that it's been shown that nothing can come from something. In fact, the actual probablility is 60%. So, there ya go. I am of the mindset that it is quite possible that we are simply in the midst of one of a unending cycle of big bangs. In fact, scientists have found evidence of universes that existed before ours. So in that way, the universe is, indeed, eternal.
  3. SPACE BALLS!!!!! I've seen that 2 or so times already, it's absolutely hilarious!
  4. gvg

    Dow I dunno, shadow kinda seems like a nickname already.
  5. gvg

    What about Sal? That's the first thing I thought of.
  6. gvg

    I just want to comment on one thing: In 'God: The Failed Hypothesis' (Great book by the way), the author discusses that it has been proven through a number of methods that, in nature, simplicity (in this case, the supposed "nothing" before the Big Bang") automatically and naturally, without the need of a divine being, goes to complexity. A great example he gave: Think about a snowflake. In order to get that snowflake to become a liquid water droplet (which we can agree is simpler than a snowflake's structure) you have to add energy into it, not remove something. Simplicity becomes complexity; something is more stable than nothing. Just thought I'd point that out
  7. gvg

    What I think is this: In a way, yes, everything is predetermined. But not entirely. What I think is that each 'decision' a person makes opens up a new, predetermined future. Based on what that person did, a predetermined event would occur. There is a chance, though not necessarily an equal one, of each option being picked. For instance, say that if you had chosen to ignore your father and touch the chair, the world would have ended in an epic explosion. (=)) That was predetermined. But you didn't pick that choice, instead, you went a different path, and get a different predetermined choice. Now, this is not complete free will. Their is an interconnectedness sort of thing going on. For example, say you are in a race for a job promotion. If all was free will, you would be able to simply work very hard and it's yours. But the way I think it works is this: The choices split, sorta into subchoices, based on what others do. For instance, if you give 70% of the total effort you could give, but the other person only gave 10%, it's yours. But if the other person 'chooses' to work harder than you, say 75% to 70%, then even though you 'chose to try for the promotion, you wouldn't get it. Do you understand? I know it's complicated. Hard ofr me to understand sometimes =) But what I'm trying to get across is this: It's a mix of 'free' will and determinism, because although your choices would give predetermined events, these could be altered, beyond your control, by the choices of others. Now, if, as the hologram thing I put up claims, reality is a holographic thingy, that completely chucks my idea out the window, and it's straight to determinism... though now that I think about it, having past, present, and future be all one in the same would be.... i dunno, would that be determinism? So, yeah. i think my idea or a really weird outcome =) But definitely no free will, and everything isn't just complete randomness.
  8. gvg

    If I understand correctly, these may help
  9. gvg

    Wait? WHo are the enemies> The devil? May I remind you that in Jewish/ Old Testament mythology (And I mean mythology =)), the devil is "The Accuser." He asks god all the toughy questions, which (If i am correct, can't say I've read the Bible) he is unable to answer, except with "I am the Lord." Great response. Should be an attorney =) But seriously, many people, like myself, have asked the same questions.... and gotten better answers from other areas (*cough* SCIENCE *cough*). Now, I am not full blown atheist, since, there is a chance of 1. A god so small, so miniscule, he has no affect on anybody and need not be worried about 2. A god that sends everyone who is not "open" to him to hell, and never reveals him/her/itself to anybody else (which would mean that Gandhi and the millions of causualty's of the holocaust are in hell ). In that case, why should I follow such a guy? Slow to anger he ain't, and I see no kindness here. (Also, I'll see you there Unreality =)) So, call me agnotic atheist. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think so. Now, of course, this is only with god. Some other spiritual stuff I believe in (Nirvana, Karma.... hell, wouldn't be surprised if reincarnation is real too) that may be supported, at least in small pert, by science (Though not that much. But if you are interested, it's the holographic article I put up) So, you believe in god. Great. Like Unreality said, I hope it brings you peace =) Unlike hardcore atheists, I don't give a s***. Believe what you want =)
  10. gvg

    ... I am also, may I add, a high school student, with just a bit of education into this sort of thing =)
  11. gvg

    Actually, that sounds reasonable. Wouldn't surprise me =)
  12. gvg

    Uh.... Plants use photosynthesis? Isn't that proven beyond a reasonable doubt?
  13. gvg

    http://www.globalone.tv/forum/topics/is-the-universe-a-holographic?groupUrl=quantumquest&id=3026128%3ATopic%3A16058&groupId=3026128%3AGroup%3A6423&page=2 This article has changed the way i view reality. Its claim is this: Everything around us is a hologram, objective reality is fake, etc. And it's scientifically supported. Read the article, it explains better than I can. Whaddya think?
  14. gvg

    Random guess, but...
  15. gvg

    Pretty good =) And congrats
  16. gvg

    The G... Now that is awesome =)
  17. gvg

    That sounds lovely =)
  18. gvg

    gv huh? Awww, I was hoping for Big G or something cooler =)
  19. gvg

    Personally, I love it. I'm not so great at interpreting poetry, so the first part was hard, but after seeing the second part, I understand now. I think it's fine. Although, I am not a poet =)
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