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  1. Granted. Since you don't live in a bottle, there is no way for anyone to track you down in order to wish their noble wishes. I wish someone would corrupt this wish.
  2. Granted. Unfortunately, everyone seems to have very strong opinions on which language is the 'best', so all of our time now is spent arguing about which language we should all speak. I wish that racism didn't exist.
  3. Granted. 9 years, 364 days from now you are delivering your creation to an international medical convention to share it with the world... but you are so wrapped up in your own greatness you didn't see that bus about to run a red light. (Maybe you should have shared your research instead of being so selfish/paranoid and keeping it a secret) I wish I didn't have to study so much for exams.
  4. I've been busy... hopefully will be less so in the near future
  5. dyalDragon

    Going to a Party

    i'm going to a party and i'm bringing a veil
  6. I can get a 15.4% profit, but I'm not sure I'm attacking the problem right.... I'm a H&W actuary, not Investment
  7. If you say so... :backsawayslowly: not that... but I've felt the same way while studying for some of my exams ............... that's close enough that I'm gonna let you have it. I think the concept was a little more vague than I intended.
  8. Nice job Azira... I knew you had it as soon as I saw your guess, but I thought I would throw a couple out there just in case
  9. Everything is better with bacon...
  10. Nothing yet... So maybe a little more help removed the third set, as it was describing the situation more than the object in question...
  11. Hey dD been awhile. How have you been? None of those, but I like your first guess a lot. As promised... Things are going well on my side of the internet... although work has been crazy busy the last week or two, and I could use some sleep. Speaking of which...... back to work :grumble:
  12. You didn't understand Dragon.
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