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  1. Not that... sorry. Once we hit the third page I will post a *small* hint...
  2. starting to get a little off track... maybe rethink one of your assumptions? Not that, but that's an interesting take on it... No, sorry, not that... but welcome to BrainDen!!! And just keep throwing guesses out there (in spoilers so MK doesn't eat you), because even if you don't get the right answer, it feels almost as good when your wrong answer directly leads someone else to the correct one
  3. Maybe someone else can get it. *idk* Sorry, not that either... but don't give up!!!
  4. Nothing else seemed to click. not quite so dark as that...
  5. bizarre things happening with my phone's browser
  6. Not that, but a very good way of thinking about this one...
  7. Long day. G'night! (RMZ ...) Nope, nope, and nope... but three very interesting (and different) directions there...
  8. Not that ... I usually try to keep it simple, taking a situation or object and spinning the riddle around it like a spider's web. The best approach is to try not to overthink it...
  9. You make an uneventful turn, yet surprising turn of events You study, try to learn, from the myriad cuts and dents Another try, another failure, another spiteful hiss Another time, another place, you'd surely see what's amiss One simple question solves it, your humor sorely marred One simple jape confounds it, your ego briefly scarred The answer oft lies within your hands, in one version or another The answer oft lies with crowded bands of sisters, cousins, brothers Open up this riddle's heart, and see what lies inside Open up this riddler's mind, to see what does reside.....
  10. @dD. Man, where have you been. Good to see you again. Way too much work & studying lately... I usually try to check in from time to time and see what's going on, but normally all the good puzzles are already solved by the time I get here
  11. Credit to Wilson... I got this one while watching him
  12. Oh come on... I get nothing for Tolerates Winning = Charlie Sheen?
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