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  1. initiate EDIT: Nope, I think I like decimate better. Lone wolf = I Two beginners eliminated are A and B, the next three letters are CDE. That M, though....
  2. I was thinking copper, but I like your answer because of lead. Copper fits with throne and an archaic form of "tall" (swift or strong) when considering an electric chair.
  3. Ah. The dad joke is a groanworthy piece of art, usually characterised by a bad or improbable pun. Some examples: What's brown and sticky? A stick Why do birds fly south for the winter? Because it's too far to walk. What language do telescopes speak? Farsi
  4. I'll allow it. Nuptial Feel free to critique: Reverse a dad joke = pun = nup To marry is a clue to the whole word The last of the first = the last half of initial = -tial. Were I to rewrite, this would certainly be the place to start.
  5. I did notice this and did the same for this one.
  6. I actually have a lot of questions about these. Is there an etiquette to standardisation similar to crosswords? As an example, if a solution is an abbreviation the clue should contain an abbreviation? (there are no abbreviations in this current crypto) I feel like if two of the clues in the puzzle can be solved, the third can be used as a validation, sometimes literally giving that Aha! moment. I thought long and hard about your cryptoalien. As soon as I saw Wilson's answer, I knew it had to be the answer in hindsight.
  7. I'll try my hand at this. Reverse a dad joke to marry the last of the first.
  8. Track=follow Half of follow = low Warm coat = down low after down = downlow, which somehow resembles the verb form of pine.
  9. Pan. Or perhaps a swarm of Pan.
  10. Oh, yeah. That's gonna be it.
  11. You added a sea and had a bad breakfast?
  12. I considered loads of "headless" synonyms for nation (s-tate, r-ealm, et al) and several different synonyms for narrative music, but just couldn't get "opera". I did have a good long think about this one, but never made it there. These are great. Keep 'em coming!
  13. Thanks! Below is a breakdown:
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