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  2. This is like getting home and while you were out everything was redecorated?! Weird!

  3. Is everything OK now?? :)

  4. What do you mean you have nothing to do. Your mission in demoronizing people has just begun :D


  5. Actually I'll start reading "Q & A" written by your compatriot Vikas Swarup! :) I wanna read the book before I see the movie ;)

  6. Well I bought the damn book so I'm gonna read it haha... :)

  7. Hey GC... I'm just Den surfing saying hi to people... and I'm also contemplating whether I should start reading the second Eragon book??

  8. I'm Den surfing and I mis ya :(

  9. Hehe... I love your two long posts in the MC thread. My favorite part was: Maybe if you doubted your religion as much as you doubt evolution, you would get somewhere... SO TRUE! :D

  10. hahah... paranoid much?! :D

    So how long before you turn 18 sweetie? ;)

    More than a year, or less...

  11. Happy Birthday precious :)

  12. Wow... you've been here for a while and I've only seen you now. You sure live by your signature ;)

  13. "...but you as an idea, as a lifeform, as a person, will exist onward, probably forever."

    I love this part! :D

    And I totally agree with you the purpose of life is life itself in all it's colors! :)

  14. Well we are only at the beginning of the game so you can still join cause the captions and the drawings will probably change a lot until your turn comes ;)

    Just don't open the spoilers anymore! Add your name if you wanna play and yes biology rocks! Histology is my favorite part, I love the microscope! :)

  15. Yippee! I'm a biologist! :)

  16. Check at Impervious's comments ;)

    Searching for a job, eating, sleeping, studying Persian again, eating, reading books, eating and then sleeping some more, did I mention eating? Life is good :)

  17. Hey Niky! Long time no see! How are you these days? :)

  18. Hey Iz! I was in the shower, that's why I didn't answer. I have to go to sleep soon cause I'm getting up early in the morning :)

  19. Thanks for returning the favor! :)

  20. Thanks peace ;) and that song will never get old! :)

  21. OK it's exactly midnight here so if you wanna wish a happy b-day to me it's late :P but not too late ;)

  22. Thank you! I bought that pool toy... now all I need is a pool!! :P

    At least I can legally drink and do stuff Goldilocks :D

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