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  1. Something in German maybe *shrug*

  2. I have no clue... you can change it any time you want ;)

  3. Congratulations!!! :D

    You didn't notice because you were posting to much! Go to Edit Profile Information and change your Custom Member Title!! ;)

  4. Misspelled board *roll eyes*

  5. Wow... unbelievable! Your name appeared on the Bord Statistics! :D

  6. Hot stuff?? Well, well, well... :D

    I've checked Alex's work... one word comes in mind - esoteric! :)

  7. Oh... OK :D

    What did I say??

  8. Stastlivy Novy rok!

    (I hope the translation is good)

    Срећна Нова година!


  9. Oh... how could I forget Izzy *bangs head against desk* my favorite aggressive



  10. Congratulations on two thousand posts! :D

  11. Why are you so private... I still remember the time when I could see your name on the board... long time ago though ;)

  12. Your MAILBOX is full so I have to do this here!

    Dms posted his picture and now it's your turn. I already explained the drill... write down the caption for that photo in 3-4 sentences. And emphasize that the spoiler is for A.Person only!

  13. I know you can't come back just yet...

  14. Ahhhh... come back, come back we can't start the game without you Eat Poop You Cat or something... :(

  15. I think I've heard it before and I laughed at it then... ;D

  16. OK... It's funny a bit! :D

  17. Dude... you should put the comic on your about me page and not your sig... it's too big and distracting! And not funny...

  18. Congratulations on your 1000th post :)

  19. Happy Birthday bonbon! ;)

  20. HE?? I thought it was a girl... :D

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