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  1. U can tell me what to do!


    :D Hi bonbon!

  2. What does Donator stand for? :)

  3. OK! About your essay - Madonna definitely - because even the Pope is listening what's she singing about - and then you stretch that into 2000 words... :)

  4. Just open your Oxford dictionary, star flipping pages and something will catch your attention eventually, it's simple as that! ;)

  5. Don't worry, I keep close attention to what Mr. Turner and Mr. Kane are doing!!!


    I love their project!!!

  6. Happy B-day AM fan!!!


  7. Hello! When you're going to start posting riddles of your own?!


  8. American Idol kind of show, it's made in Britain! Total rubbish but I'm totally hooked!!! :D

  9. I don't dare to try! :D

    BTW, I watching The X Factor on YouTube right now... how's that for not being drawn in hahahaha...

  10. I never said those books are bad :)))! And I do own "Angels and Demons" but never forced my self to read it! And I didn't say D.Brown is a bad writer... it's just I don't want to be drawn into the 'pop' vortex! :D know what I mean... ;)

  11. Yeah! I love Russians, especially Dostoevsky. I read pretty much everything except those on 10 bestsellers list. When too many people like a certain book something's not right. I never read or seen "The da Vinci Code".

  12. Happy B-day!!! Ask your friend to write one more mind-busting riddle!!!


  13. :D What's with you and the Schrodinger's cat? I read your puzzles... there it is! I read your profile... there it is!

    I forgot to ask if you like "Numb3rs"?

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