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  1. You didn't... I'm off, the finals are starting soon :D

  2. Did you send me a message? I accidentally erased it if you did *facepalm*

  3. Good! I have a passport! :)

  4. *hugs Izzy to a point of near suffocation*

  5. I commented on your Stupid Tree photo at the Gallery, I don't know if you read it, probably not cause you would have already responded :)

  6. WOW! Over 20 000 profile views!

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    2. andromeda


      I nibble on the cookies that happened to have the same name as YOU do! Nibbling the cookies is innocent...

    3. Izzy



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  7. Oh, and btw... I missed you :)

  8. It's rollin', I'm taking driving lessons :D

  9. Hahahahahappy Birthday!!!!! :D

  10. I'm OK, I have a job now, I bought a lot of books, life is sweet :)

  11. I'm glad that you've enjoyed my riddles :D

    I'll try to write some more, but no promises.

    It's been a while...

  12. I started working and stopped braindening, but I'll try to be on more often cause it makes me happy :)

  13. I haven't been here for a while, but I remembered to check the answer to your "I am one" riddle and it's awesome, it reminded me of some of the stuff that I've written, but yours was better :)

  14. Hey precious! :)

    Dammit! I've stayed logged in for couple of days... :D

  15. is glad that she didn't hurt JarZe's feelings after all :D

  16. Happy Birthday sweetie... yet again :P

  17. I have a job now so it's hard for me to be as involved in a game as I was before, besides I don't have the time. Sorry...

  18. My message:

    Could you approve my two comments in the Gallery?

    Thank you :)

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