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    A world so cold...
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    Music (Consuming as well as playing), psychology, programming, philosophy, happiness (haven't found it yet), people (not all of them though...)

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  1. Listening to Anamanaguchi. Happy as can be.

  2. I'm losing my voice. I currently sound awesome.

  3. Punching Trees and Killing Pigs with Pork. I love you Minecraft.

  4. Most of my old friends are inactive, and my Rep is -1. Let's fix this. I'm BACK!

  5. I remember old times, when I actually talked to the people in my friends list. Is it too late to try again? Probably...

  6. Reputation -1?, I guess that's what I get for not coming back often enough...

  7. hasn't been here for a while...

    1. Faizaan


      I just returned after too long.

  8. Thanks for returning the favor! :)


    Mwahahaha! I returned the favor!

  10. yay! thanks! how r u? I havn't said hi in a LONG time! (other then to wish you a happy b-day)

  11. thanks for the birthday wish! Its OK! thanks anyways!

  12. Happy B-day!! :D...really late!@@@

  13. You are welcome! My birthday is coming soon, so you can return the favor ;)

  14. OMG! thanks so much for the birthday comment!!

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