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  1. Listening to Anamanaguchi. Happy as can be.

  2. Where did all these dowels come from?

    A 3-dimensional object viewed on a 2-dimensional plane does not become 1-dimensional.
  3. Where did all these dowels come from?

    Nevermind. That was terrible. I left the 'derp-mode' switch on. I don't see how that could move.
  4. Where did all these dowels come from?

    I think...
  5. Where did all these dowels come from?

    ooh! ooh! WAIT! Arranged as such That was terribly crud(e).
  6. Where did all these dowels come from?

    I am sitting here with my homework tossed aside constantly rearranging a large number of tooth-picks in a desperate attempt to figure this out.
  7. I'm losing my voice. I currently sound awesome.

  8. Evil Genies

    I wish to win every gamble I voluntarily participate in.
  9. This has to be one of the weirder contexts but alright...
  10. I just got a new laptop (the old one was too slow to run Minecraft). Unfortunately the old server I used to play on was discontinued, and I am itching to play multiplayer again. So, yes. I am interested. If there are any slots still open, I would be more than happy to join.
  11. Solved by plainglazed. for contributing!
  12. Is that enough?
  13. Sooo....... I'm assuming everyone simply quit on this one?
  14. $100,000. Still not enough motivation to get me to sit down and try to figure this out. My laziness know no bounds. Anywho, I had not heard of this conjecture until now. This is intriguing!
  15. Wait. Seriously? How?