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  1. Hahaha... I love the cute little smirky face in your signature! Your creation I assume! :)

  2. Um... well your local time hasn't changed...

  3. Don't you forward your clock in Slovakia? We have switched to summer time yesterday!

  4. You are welcome! My birthday is coming soon, so you can return the favor ;)

  5. Is this your real birthday?

  6. EDIT: spelling [two*]

  7. So... you to ganged up against me huh?!

    You don't know who I have on my side... beware... *laughs in a devilish manner and then coughs up and almost chokes on something that looks like it's been there for 200 years*... so much about flirting...

  8. Well it's hard to tell. I can't really compare you ;)

  9. Hey! Where have you been, I haven't seen you on for a while! :)

  10. Cute lizard is more likely :P

  11. Wait... I think I get it!

    Talz is the dragon! *lmao* hehe...

  12. Thanks! :)

    Yeah, I remember the time when I had 22 posts per day. That got significantly reduced cause I don't post riddles anymore. I might, but I have no inspiration.

  13. Hm... I think you've been ingesting too much sugar lately :P

  14. Hey Izzy... thanks for leaving a message to taliesin!

  15. Crazy teenager! :D

  16. Check my local time. I'll be probably going to sleep around midnight or a bit later. I have some stuff to do :)

  17. Hey sweets! I was asleep when you left that comment, same as you are now :P

  18. Oh and I don't care what players are doing during a mafia game I have a sixth sense baby... I'm The Oracle ;D

  19. No sweetie... :D

    Your age is unknown, your location is unknown, your birthday is unknown... UNKNOWN!

  20. Why are you so "Unknown" Brandonb??

    The curiosity is killing me!

  21. Congratulations on your thousandth post!!


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