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  1. andromeda

    OK! Now I'm going to try to solve one of your riddles? Is it a
  2. andromeda

    DING-DING-DING!!! Someone guessed line 3!!! Check above in the spoiler!!! For the rest of the lines hm + hint
  3. andromeda

    I thought of the same thing as Prince Marth85 did!
  4. andromeda

    Sailing in a boat but with a C, That will resolve with a twitch, A silent brotherhood will know the answer, Without an E take another glance! Who are we?! Hints Have fun!
  5. andromeda

    100% correct! But use spoilers even when explaining
  6. andromeda

    To be honest, when I read the solution I thought: ''Pffff!'', but then after a LOT of thinking I realized that it's quite ingenious!!! Nice work and I hope you'll post more of these!
  7. andromeda

    Yes! Why the question mark? Nice work! You probably read the spoilers carefully. I probably have given too much information but I like seeing my riddles being solved!
  8. andromeda

    There is one thing that I DO understand from all this And
  9. andromeda

    YES line 3. is To Mumbles140 Now I said way too much!
  10. andromeda

    I made a typo it's not 8*8*16 I meant 8*8*18 (6+6+6)! I put numbers on the picture so you could see what I'm thinking about even if I made a mistake in tipping! I asked if I'm on a right track?! <_<
  11. andromeda

    None of them are correct. Hint for line 3.
  12. andromeda

    Standing still but it's no saint Connecting us with An electric charge! WHAT AM I? The rules from my previous riddle apply here as well. Rules Read carefully it's not too hard!
  13. andromeda

    OK! I managed how to process the picture in order to fit it in! So here it is if you are interested so you wouldn't have to download it!
  14. andromeda

    OK! This is what a got so far! You say it's easy, but... Is the start any good?
  15. andromeda

    I'm so sorry! I'm such an idiot! You are absolutely right alpha, beta and gamma are digits forming a number! I just didn't read the riddle correctly and I was the one to post it (live & learn). So thank you for pointing that out! I owe you one BIG apology!!! :blush: :blush:
  16. andromeda

    They are multiplied together. It is common not to write the multiplication sign when we have variables multiplied together. But you already know that. I didn't emphasized that because I didn't think it was necessary! Sorry! <_< That is why I said that it's really easy!
  17. andromeda

    For some reason people here take me seriously whatever I say Thanks anyway for the 3D puzzle!!!
  18. andromeda

    I have found this puzzle in an IQ test (no results available)! Explain the solution please because I don't know! <_<
  19. andromeda

    Yes that is how I did it before and now as well but it doesn't work! Test it yourself!
  20. andromeda

    I forgot to say that single digits from 0... 9 range were replaced by letters! What digit is hidden under the symbol alpha? However I don't think that an explanation is necessary!
  21. andromeda

    Sorry about me not noticing that you have guessed N! It wasn't that hard, was it?!
  22. andromeda

    No explanation needed! For some reason the attachment won't upload?!
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