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  1. Is the objective to assemble a word or the riddle indicates on a certain object?! And I don't understand
  2. andromeda

    More I still have no idea!
  3. andromeda

    Is it important that muddy prints led eastward & downhill? I don't know, was any of these correct?
  4. andromeda

    Nice one beckie-x and WELCOME!
  5. andromeda

    I think you are right,
  6. andromeda

    Well I don't know I kinda
  7. It's brilliant!!!!! It's better than the actual answer!!!
  8. Actually during the embargo in the 90's a lot of people did that in my country. If you live near the border. Somebody takes you near the border in a car, then you cross on foot (you can say to the custom officials that you are going to a supermarket (since everything costs less there), and on your way back you enter your country on a brand new bike!
  9. We have this one in Serbia, but it's more of a joke than a riddle and Funny one though!
  10. andromeda

    Hm... It the solution the
  11. andromeda

    I think Just kidding! I'll think about it!
  12. OK! This is a really silly long shot, but
  13. Yes That is the correct answer. I was in that situation, but not recently, actually not in this decade! Try to solve my first puzzle.
  14. But how in a world did you get in that situation!
  15. You are riding inside formula 1, there’s a submarine in front of you and a spaceship behind you. How did you get in this situation?
  16. andromeda

    All of them are palindromes except the last one
  17. andromeda

    I have no idea so far. I'll sleep on it.
  18. andromeda

    I think it should be It's a good riddle!
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