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  1. Yes! Finally! Congratulations! Thank you all for participating to solve my first riddle on BD! You are still welcome to discus if you disagree regarding the solution or the riddle itself!
  2. No. Read my previous answer it has nothing to do with paper! But I understand why you thought of that! I may have mislead you by not emphasizing that it's not about paper but again it's about shape! Good luck!
  3. Nice try, but forget about the paper (it has nothing to do with paper) and think about the shape! Imagine if you could inflate that envelope? I hope this will help for someone to finally crack it! I rest my case!
  4. To me it looks like that the red and the blue stripe are going up, but the white one is going down! No, no they are all going up, but for a second it seamed to me...
  5. You are very close!!! Think of an I almost told you what it is! And Welcome to BD!
  6. One more question, is it a one word, two words solution? I understand everything that you are saying but my light bulb is still off!
  7. andromeda

    I was hungry until I read this
  8. andromeda

    When I said bring it on, I was just kidding!! Oh well
  9. andromeda

    Andromeda is a SHE btw!
  10. andromeda

    Whoopee! I was busting my mind for hours but I enjoyed it! If you have some more BRING IT ON!
  11. andromeda

    You are killing me slowly with this Is it Is this the right solution?! Lie to me please if you have to, I can't take it anymore!
  12. andromeda

    I had made a mistake weather/whether I meant to use the second word
  13. andromeda

    This is a long shot but My brain is overheated so I'll go and shove it in a bucket of ice!
  14. andromeda

    OK! This is quite a brain stretcher but I managed to untangle this much Is this finally any good!?!?!
  15. Uuuuuu... so close but not quite, you still have BTW Nice job!!!
  16. Maybe this will help My previous count was incorrect!
  17. OK! After recounting them
  18. Actually I To be honest I don't know the correct answer, even though I posted this topic!
  19. I read the spoilers and I have to say that OstermanA makes the most sense!
  20. andromeda

    Hm... what I don't understand is I'll need another hint if this is wrong!
  21. andromeda

    Yeah Becks! You didn't do it right!
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