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  1. andromeda

    Again, it's not a riddle!!!
  2. andromeda

    This is not a puzzle/riddle. You can find your answer on the net!
  3. I'm not sure! I'll have to count them myself!
  4. andromeda

    Try to solve my triangles!!! Maybe you'll be the first one to get it right!
  5. andromeda

    First I thought: ''Hey, who the hell is Andro?''. And then I realized you nicknamed me like that! Whoopee! This is the first correct answer that I managed to post before everybody else!
  6. andromeda

    OK, OK this time I really got it
  7. andromeda

    OK! Found it! Is it You asked for the precise name!
  8. Count ALL triangles on this picture! How many of them do you see?
  9. I forgot to say that the sizes of the squares don't matter!
  10. I posted the correct version of this riddle under the same name!!! Sorry again!
  11. This is the correct pattern of the riddle! I wrote it on a paper and yellow kinda vaporized so I made a mistake while coloring them! Sorry! I hope you'll stick with me on solving this riddle So the question is which one of those 5 squares fit the pattern and why? I also don't know the answer!
  12. I made a significant mistake while composing this riddle, I'll post the correct one tomorrow! I'm so sorry! I'm an idiot!!!
  13. I have two more of those riddles, but with more branches and less colors. I'll check if that pattern works on them. I always thought that it has something to do with branching (I don't know if that is the correct word) and colors and not just with colors.
  14. andromeda

    Why? I'm very ignorant about classical music so...
  15. It's not a problem I thought it was FIRST all along!!!
  16. No, no, no it has nothing to do with the size of the squares because I used Microsoft Paint to construct that riddle, that is the reason why the squares aren't the same size. Sorry I should have mentioned that! The squares should all be the same size!
  17. Well it can't be black because that square is not among the five ones offered. It could be the black and white one but I don't know and that's the reason why I posted this riddle, to find out.
  18. I found this one in an IQ test and I couldn't find a pattern! Maybe you can One of the squares from the bottom should fit the pattern!
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