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  1. WOW!!! I think you got it!!! There's an unmistakable pattern!! Thank you! I have one more of those, a lot of squares are split in half. I'll post it tomorrow.
  2. Thank you!!! I'll think about it!
  3. andromeda

    HAHA ! Well I guessed it without even reasoning correctly ! Wait, that's not a good thing <_< !
  4. andromeda

    WHAT? Andromeda is a SHE!!! And I don't... never mind. THANKS!
  5. 24 hours earlier... Homicide detectives Cherry Lane and Yoruichi-san arrived at the crime scene. The hallway leading to the chemistry lab was packed with police officers surveying the area and taking statements from the witnesses, including the six student-assistants that arrived at work that morning. Chemistry laboratory in the Natural Science Institute was immense. The entire inventory in the lab was new. Everything was prepared for the Professor and his student-assistants to start working on their new project. But something went terribly wrong that morning... As soon as CL and
  6. Oh woon you'll so going to laugh when you read this
  7. andromeda

    Yeah! Ups! I posted the same message twice, there should be an emoticon slamming it self on its forehead! But this will do <_< EDIT: Second thought Where's that emoticon again when you need it
  8. andromeda

    Oh, it wasn't me it was rossbeemer!
  9. andromeda

    I had the same problem and this the advice that I got from the Site Administrator
  10. andromeda

    Maybe it was a tiny gun (pencil-gun) just kidding! Man... I thought this was over, mystery solved, the crook is in jail and I can go back to my everyday activities and then... bummer! Pfff... ok back to reading!
  11. WOW! RESPECT! But never forget the whole picture!
  12. DING-DING-DING!!! We have a winner!!! Nice job CL (did you look at the spoilers?) Explanation My favorite band!
  13. andromeda

    Welcome Test them first if you're not sure how it works!
  14. Good thinking but no! Go back to boats !!! I meant that replacement literally!
  15. andromeda

    That was my first thought to but I wrote instead! <_<
  16. NO! MORE! Oooooh... I hope that this is as much fun for you as it is for me!
  17. andromeda

    Aaaaaand you made my laugh again!!! :lol:
  18. Nice try but no. I have no more hints.
  19. DING-DING-DING!!! Solution for the second WORD (not line two) is You are ALL very close!!!
  20. Nope, keep them coming! HINT
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