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    I know that ! I figured that out after reading it again. See where I'm from those numbers to me are jedan (1), osam (8), četiri (4), četiri (4), pet (5). For some reason I'm thinking in English but when it comes down to numbers... I don't switch over! Bummer! I'll pay attention next time!!!
  2. Hm... if I tell you that it would be giving away the methodology to solve it and after that it's easier! If it's a letter code, or an anagram, or something... crack it and then YOU tell ME what it is!!! Hahahahahh you made my abdomen hurt!!! Do you really think I would think about this riddle for 12 hours and almost get hit by a car while ridding a bike, for the answer to be that simple, just NO?! :lol: Just kidding a good one, but focus on the crime!
  3. andromeda

    Welcome to the BD, have fun and don't forget to use
  4. andromeda

    Hahahahahah ! Nice guess!
  5. YES!!! YES! YES! Aaaaaaaand NO! But... I don't need to give you any hints you are on the right track!!!
  6. andromeda

    This girls is making a good point!!!
  7. You can tell your friend to take this riddle and shove it up his Just kidding! It's a great puzzle!
  8. andromeda

    Welcome aly410! Don't forget to use
  9. OK then, is one of these colors?! I'm gonna take a vacation after someone solving this puzzle!!! EDIT: Is it something with color
  10. Colored bodies of EDIT: Oh and thanks for the compliment!
  11. andromeda

    Hm... here's one more attempt EDIT: I don't know how I got it so don't ask, cause you're going to ask!!!
  12. andromeda

    The second line solution <_<
  13. When you start thinking out loud: "Hm... who I'm going to kill next, and how?!"
  14. No! I said (wrote) in one of the previous spoilers that But what I find fascinating is that you (all of you) find things that I did even know they were there. And Owen (O, N) two elements (but it's not a clue). HINT
  15. When you are so occupied with BD that you answer an all of you're parents questions with: "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I'm busy right now!!!" and then when you finally get out of BD you realize that you agreed upon washing the dishes, vacuuming and collecting all the dog poo from the back yard!!! <_<
  16. Well, I don't know where are you going with this, First question Second question First question Second question Read the previous spoilers !!! RiddL3R is on the right track!!!
  17. Everything is important! Names especially!
  18. [ No! How would that fit the riddle? Think about it! How would the Professor show the detectives that it's Said too much yet again, but giving hints is also a great exercise, how to give a hint without giving it all away. I'm far from that cause there is still a lot of work ahead of us!!!
  19. andromeda

    I just wanna say that I'll keep trying to solve this puzzle! I won't give up!
  20. Yes! I give away too many hints !!! But that's not over yet! The hand thing I mean, there's more to it! Nope! Think about it, why would CL make that comment?! And then you'll figure it out what pills are those, because it's important!
  21. Yes, you're right about the hand and the character it represents! Yes! But you'll see after the riddle gets untangled that everything written is intricately intwined! It was unintentional! Read the other spoilers! HINT
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