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  1. This not an attempt to untangle the mystery, but just a silly remark
  2. Thanks! To be honest I don't know ASL, but I used this manual alphabet to explain how did his fingers form a character! So if that is wrong... Thanks for pointing that out I'll double check next time.
  3. He hates involutes Knowing that you don't give much hints...
  4. andromeda

    then you are wrong. Let me get this straight "in the report card" is not even important? Hey check my new riddle, it's the one with 0 posts
  5. After a lot of thinking and rereading it, this is what I come up with (nicely put together btw)
  6. andromeda

    Thanks for the explanation, I wouldn't know (my brain is wired differently) It's a good one LMAO on my answer... a pinyata!!!
  7. Hi! Welcome to the Den! Get use to using I write my puzzles so they don't describe an object but every line gives letters you have to assemble in order to get the answer! The answer for this one you can find in the 16# post, but you are welcome to guess if you want to!
  8. Start with 7.5 but not in inches, add an umbrella with it’s handle uncentered, It will make a point before the ending, And in the end you’ll see it in the ashes. Hint
  9. andromeda

    Thanks! I had no idea!
  10. Yeah, I'm aware that I give too much clues away, but I can't help it! My next riddle will be much harder, but congratulations on paying attention! EXPLANATION:
  11. andromeda

    Yeah! I knew I've seen it before!!! I just couldn't find it!
  12. andromeda

    I don't know, we never had report cards in school so I don't know what to associate that with <_< Well... I do know that an 'E' is not a grade, but other than that...?!
  13. andromeda

    How about EDIT: After a second glance I see that I'm probably wrong!
  14. andromeda

    OK! Don't get your hopes up I still have no clue!!!
  15. YES! I said it was easy and I said it was special! Nice job Tell me how did you get line 1 and 2, or was it really just a stab in the dark?!
  16. This is the riddle And this is the solution and some explanations
  17. Nope! Read the previous spoiler! You did guess the
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