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  1. WOW you guys, nice thinking! I'm going to put the entire answer together, it's gonna take a while, but you GUESSED IT! However, none of you got the entire story straight and all the facts together, so I'm gonna give some time to others to figure it out, how it went down. There are a lot of answers and I decided not to reply individually to each and everyone of you!!! Nice work, it wasn't too hard, was it?
  2. The first two are no, and the third partial guess is a yes!!!
  3. When spiders overpopulate you room that you start giving them names. When your jeans fit better because you forget to eat. When you use your BD password to log in on other web sites. When you can't remember what day of the week it is. When you smell a strong scent of OB and then you realize it is you, cause you didn't shower for days. When you have paper fragments with incomprehensible hieroglyphs scattered around your room, until eventually they take over the entire house.
  4. andromeda

    I love it! How can I not love when I guessed it Clever one to and not too hard to guess! There's no rating button at this topic, at least not yet. But it's ***** It made me feel smart, something that I often doubt, so thank you!
  5. andromeda

    Nice work!!! I'm going to sleep now to tired to look for the rest!
  6. andromeda

    You said it was easy, but is it really this easy? :D
  7. You bad girl! Hm... the next one will be much harder! We'll see how MaestroOD copes with that one There are
  8. I understand why you thought of that, but no! Forget about the last line, try to guess the previous two!
  9. andromeda

    OK! I did something interesting, it probably has nothing to do with it, but here it is
  10. andromeda

    Well think as much as you want but it wasn't me. I have witnesses, I was probably posting!!!
  11. Any day now I will run out of it, Refuel on the move for I’m short of education, If you like this riddle grade it with an A! This is my easiest one so far!!!
  12. andromeda

    Welcome to the Den, don't forget to use Have fun! I write couple of these every day !!!
  13. andromeda

    Welcome to the Den, don't forget to use Have fun!
  14. andromeda

    Well it could be a lot of things so I assume it's more of a word game. I'll think about it!
  15. Sorry I forgot this one
  16. You are wrong about everything! Their names have nothing to do with the PTE symbols! But keep barking and I'm glad you joined us in our pursuit to track down the Professors killer! YES! & YES! :D
  17. A, B and X are digits (0... 9) forming numbers, so you have to guess the first digit of the number XAB! X=? Have fun!
  18. andromeda

    OK... I hope it's clear!!! :lol:
  19. One suggestion, while I thinking about your murder case. Would you consider to think about my murder case Yes... kinda! But you have to take the entire name in consideration! Remember when you asked me Gladly
  20. WOW! I don't even know where to begin
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