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1. AAAsn88s

2. ST

3. Reaymanator - haha that would be mint, just make sure slick signs up!!!

4) Peace is in the roster! :P

5) Slick

This is quick with no commitment, I assume. :blink:

you might want to sign up on the new thread - other wise they wont realize ur playing!!

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A centimetre jumped, that was born by a scared speeding car full of items, they were taken apart, it was a unanimous descision.

Wow :lol::lol: thats really different! Heres the original :P

I reject your reality and substitute my own.

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  • 2 years later...

My suggestion: If we could give everyone a word as we used to pass the sentence we will, in the same way, pass a word, each word given by different person to the next, then that person will give a word to the next and so on. Now, when everyone has given the word, we will ask questions in the reverse order. No person will ask a question to the one whom he gave the word. The person has to answer in the word given to him by the person. It results in funny answers.

Eg: X gave Y the word "book" and when Y will be asked a question by Z, like "what did you eat yesterday?" the answer of Y will be "I ate my books" .

It may not be that funny. So, if you want you can disregard what was said by me in this post and continue the game. Then also, I am in. :lol: :lol:

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Telephone Queue:

1. Aaryan

2. TheCube

3. Shadow7

4. JDave


6. momo

7. Akriti

8. EDM :D

OOOH...Pick Me! Pick Me!!! :D :D :D

*Just thought I'd change the colours and font a bit...:D

Edited by EDM
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