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New round signups:

1. Thalia

2. Peace

3. MissKitten

4. 'Cat'astrophe

5. Flamebirde


I'm going to wait a couple more days. If no one else signs up, I'll start this. I don't want to drag out signups and have people go inactive.

Note: If the signups fill up and more people want to join before we start, you can just add your name to the list. Just because the numbering ends doesn't mean the signups do. :)

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Peace hasn't been here in a while so I'm going to move her to the bottom of the list and send the phrase to MiKi. I'd appreciate it if you would all send a copy of the phrases you send to me so I can post them all together after Peace gets it.

New round signups:

1. Thalia

2. MissKitten

3. 'Cat'astrophe

4. Flamebirde

5. Peace

Sent to MiKi.

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Sorry EDM. We just ended the last round. You can start the next one if you would like.

Chocolate is a serious thing. -Deanna Troi from Star Trek

Sugary sweets are honest elements.

Glucose-like candies are sincere ingredients.

Sugar-atom-like sweet treats are very honest to God parts of a collective whole.


New Round

1. EDM?


3. Thalia




Edited by Thalia
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New Round (Please make sure your inbox is not full).

1. EDM

2. Flamebirde

3. Thalia

4. MiKi

5. Slick

6. 'Cat'astrophe

Okay, EDM, I'll give it a try and if I can keep up with it and like it, I'll keep playing.

EDIT: :lol: Just noticed I played this over 3 years ago. :lol:

Edited by akaslickster
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EDM: For the last round, I had everyone send me their phrases so I could post them all together. That's what we were talking about. I guess we'll just post em all here ourselves.

Question: I was never quite clear on this. Does the last person change the phrase before posting it or do they just post what they get?

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