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Most of you have heard of this game, right?

One person would think of a phrase, then whisper it to another person, and then they would whisper it to ANOTHER person, and so on. Eventually, there would be no more people to whisper it to, and so the last person would say it out loud and everyone would ROFL (roll on the floor laughing), because it was so unlike the first.

Now, i wanted to start another game because i was bored, so i thought of this:

1) people sign up (8 - 15 people) and i would PM the first person th phrase.

2) that person would change the words, but make it still have the same meaning (so if there was 'elephants like soup' someone might change it into 'Big gray animals love liquidy food' to 'huge light black living things enjoy watery meals'. Does that sound kind of like the beginging?)

3) the the first person would PM the second person (the list would be on here) their version, and so on.

4) at the end, we all die from laughter (or just think, was this game stupid?). Who knows??

Who's in?? :rolleyes:

Host: Peace*




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Host: Peace*

1) Reaymond

2) ST

3) PG

4) FIF

5) The Fox



Could be amusing, with my comical alterations. :lol:

Good practice, if nothing else. :P

Phew.... I was waiting for you to sign up slick ;P

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