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  1. Akriti

    Newbie Mafia

    Sorry, Mike !! ~ Are kills blocking? ~ Suppose, Wasp, Scorpion and Spider are NK'ed/lynched, then is there an alternate wincon for Indy? Like last standing or anything like that? Coz it's going to take time for Indy to RID kill somebody when the spy is not a role spy. Re: sign up roster - I suppose we were using the old one :S
  2. Akriti


    [spoiler=....if I'm allowed to jump in between ]dupes ?
  3. Akriti

    Newbie Mafia

    You can add me as a player, if needed.
  4. Akriti

    Newbie Mafia

    Okay...... nice idea Mike! Now, what I see....... First, Scorpion is block, and spider is trap..... I feel, change the block to a spy. That helps the baddies to claim a role, when needed, as a defense. Second, Ladybug is RID kill ...... *remembers the day when an RID killer (aura) killed a baddie N1, coz she was lucky * So, change that RID kill to simple kill. That will add an element of risk with his night action, along with all the redirects.... *shudders* Third, the Ant's vote manip - well, goodies usually have that vote manip *shrug* Vote manips give no info, they are there j
  5. Sorry, mboon, I couldn't help you win this. I am so so sorry.
  6. Akriti

    New Ending to 3 IDIOTS : After Rancho suddenly disappears from ICE, Raju and Farhan Decide to call the world famous CID. ACP: Ohh MY GODD !!! Rancho Gayab hai !! Abhijeet, Daya...campus ko acchi tarah se CHECK KARO !! Woh zaroor koi na koi suraag chhod gaya hoga !! (Shaking his finger) (After searchin the campus like a pair of buffoons...Abhijeet and Daya find out that Joy had committed suicide 4 years back in the campus...) Abhijeet: Sir, Mamla Gadbad hai...Yaha kisi joy naam ke student NE aatma-hatya ki thi 4 saal pehle. Lagta hai woh aatma hatya nahi...khoon tha...aur shayad kho
  7. Akriti

    I don't know, I also just remember having read or heard this story.
  8. Akriti

    Thanx, I wrote this one yesterday, at night, when I was not feeling like sleeping Power Of Faith Oh, I see a sweet girl sitting there, I looked around and saw no one care. I hesitated a bit to go to her and talk, But the glint of her tears compelled me to walk. She looked at me with her red eyes, didn't even try to cover it with lies. I looked into her eyes, a deep sea of sadness, Froze me in my position, knowing about her less. But those heavy with tears eyes were telling their tale, As I listened to those eyes, I knew there was blowing a strong gale. The gale so s
  9. Akriti

    Yeah, what Miki said. But, they aren't exactly hindi, they are Bhojburi, a bit twisted hindi, we can say.
  10. Akriti

    Newbie Mafia

    Well, I asked inaword and Andrew about this game. Andrew wasn't ready to make account on another forum, though later he was convinced. Let's hope he joins it.
  11. Akriti

    Mine are childish, and poor, but I will give it a try : THAT'S MOTHER : When you face obstruction, she will be there with solution. That's mother When you are in a celebration, she will be there in addition. That's mother When you feel repulsion, she will be there for consideration. That's mother When you are under destruction, she will be there for protection. That's mother When you need attention, she will be there with attraction. That's mother To offer all her blessings and every happiness in life, she will be there. That's mother (I wrote it when I was
  12. Many many happy returns of the day.

  13. Akriti

    Newbie Mafia

    Host: GM 1. hotterthnfire 2. mew 3. flamebride 4. 5. 6. 'Cat'astrophe 7. 8. mboon 9. tolecnal 10. Mentors: 1. Thalia 2. MiKi [Course, I'm also available as a backup or even player if necessary.] 3. MoMa 4. Shadow 5. Auramyna (happy to play if needed.) 6. Akriti ( or rather a backup ) But, somebody needs to notify me on MM when the game starts. thank you.
  14. Akriti

    “Where is the master key?”, asked God. “I am the master key”, replied Daya with a nonchalant expression and oozing confidence. Blessed that he was with a door-breaking ability of smashing things down at a stroke of will God merely had in mind to set a larger-than-life stage for him. And as the God was arranging for that divine intervention on the planet about 12 years ago he saw an angry man with a moustache looking at a man lying on the road with a few bullets in it’s chest. The injured man was bleeding like a dracula. The protagonist walks up to him and asks, no, not “do you need water,
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