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The Adventure



I hope that you like this one. You are going on an adventure. Your goal is to find the hidden city of Atlantis. The problem is, you have enough food and water for your journey, but the only other things you have are a 200 foot coil of nylon rope, a full box of matches, a knife, a backpack, a fold up tent, a long walking stick, and your wits. You will face many dangers as you travel. It is your job to avoid the dangers and decipher the clues that will lead you to the Lost City of Atlantis. The way this game is played is simple, but there are a few rules.

1. I will periodically give you a clue or an obstacle to solve or evade.

2. The story will only continue when someone solves the riddle or figures out how to get past the obstacle.

3. When you have an obstacle, you must get past it using only the items that have been given to you.

4. There are ten obstacles and ten clues. If you solve all of them, you win the game!

5. Everyone can work together to solve riddles or obstacles. Go teamwork!

Your first clue is this:

I have a bed but do not sleep, have a mouth but do not eat, have a bank but have no cash, have no legs but run quite fast. What am I?

There you are! Now, go and reach that city!

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Correct! You are trekking up the side of Mount Soonexplodey when suddenly you hear a terrible rumbling noise! The volcano is erupting! Luckily, you are clear of hot ash, but a swift-moving flow of lava is coming your way. You have several options of where to escape:

1. A nearby hot springs

2. Up a tree

3. Back into the cave

4. Into a stream

5. Toward the volcano

(also, explain why your place of refuge is the most logical)

Note: this is obstacle number four. Six more to go!

Fire can be found in a tree because the lava caused it to start burning.

Your mother gets FIRED up inside and starts yelling when you don't listen to her.

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Correct! An enormous tree towers above you. Nestled in its branches is a buzzing beehive. But wait! Above the hive is a folded slip of paper. It is the next clue! Unfortunately, you cannot climb past the hive or wait for the wind to blow the paper down. How in the world will you reach the paper without getting stung by the bees? (Did I mention they were killer bees?)

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how about I start the end of my long walking stick on fire with my matches to make the bees drowsy with the smoke then get the hive onto the end of it and chuck it into the lava on that has now reached the edge of the creek? then climb up and grab the next clue.

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You have the shore, stone and weedy parts right, but the last anagram needs to be solved.

Hint: SON IN the GUIDE makes one long word with the letters switched around.

Edit: fill in the riddle with the new anagrams.

Edited by Kikacat123
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If they are anagrams I'm not sure what Dewey makes other than Weedy. And the last three words are perplexing as well.

Something about going to the shore and looking under a stone for a sign perhaps?

...is indigenous

That's why I thought the answer was 'moss' (weedy, shore, indigenous, stone) , but I guess not...

...seaweed or kelp, maybe?

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