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  1. BobbyGo

    Two boys

  2. BobbyGo


    Two guesses (both of which are more fun than logical). "In the box" guess: "Out of the box" guess:
  3. BobbyGo

    How ?

  4. BobbyGo

    Maths Teaser

    Here is a slightly reversed approach (using geometry): Although...
  5. BobbyGo

    Changing times

  6. BobbyGo

    Risk Battles

  7. BobbyGo

    Snake and Ladders

    Attempted it a second time. Tried to put it in the spoiler, but it wouldn't go there and now I can't move it? Not my day I guess.
  8. BobbyGo

    Snake and Ladders

  9. BobbyGo

    Riffle Shuffle