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    The answer is the paradox. If she says, "You will return him," the crocodile can make the woman a liar. If she says, "You will eat him," he will become a liar if he does.
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    It's difficult to reason out the nature of destiny, yet with the utilization of a metaphor we can paint its absurdity clearly. Imagine there being some omnipotent all-knowing being that controls the very fabric of reality. Some people call him/her God. S/he decides to create these fleshy things for their own purpose and can control every decision they make. So in essence God is a puppeteer and we are their marionettes. They've come all this way to have their puppets argue with each other over the nature of destiny and free will. If there is purpose and design, or an inherent destiny, it would seemingly be apparent to all it influences.
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