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I totally didn't submit one, but this will keep the game going:

"Plainglazed was like a ninja...."

Not being familiar with the terms "plainglazed" or "ninja" I thought I'd google them And hope to come up with something witty/humorous (there's always a first time)

"ninja" came up with "a master of camouflage" yada yada yada

and for plainglazed I got 2 results. 1 for the great man himself in BD and (this is bizarre)


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plainglazed was like a ninja, except when it came to his YouTube account.

(ok, yes, that's me and yes, quite bizarre; but hilarious. had forgotten I even had an account. do remember now when/why I got it - for a badudi BrainDen scavenger hunt riddle. and now that YouTube's linked to my iGoogle account, guess that's how I somehow favorited that vid.)

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