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When the dust finally clears

He knows she'll be always near

Says to himself every day

"It has to be this way.

Must live with this delay.

Go show her when you see her

On that day love becomes freer"

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When he says it must go on....well of course 'it' must.....otherwise we wouldn't be here

And whoever's kidnapped the real Maurice, could you let us know the ransom demands...

I've had a whip-round and we've managed to get a half-sucked gobstopper, a mini snickers bar, and a broken pisspot. Ang on, no, that last one's me.

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We shall be sending you a 6th digit in the mail, each day for the next four days until our demands are met.

If they are not met by then, we will additionally require a Commodore 64 along with the entire Boulder Dash collection.

After that we send you what appears to be a tail, a 3rd nippo, a tusk and a 4th nippo over the next 4 days.

I think you see where we're going with this. You will have maurice back eventually. It's for you to decide in how many pieces you want him.

Edit- i know how to spell nippo...but it changes it to mountain

Edited by maurice
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I have that effect on people that make them wanna run as far and fast as they can.... until I sic Colonel Mustang on them..... and then sic Zero on them because he thinks they're gonna steal Kaiya..... and then they're taken down within seconds.... *evil laughter*

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