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Status Updates posted by peace*out

  1. oh - did you get the message i sent you?

  2. no prob. :) i made it up. do you like it? I may just end up quoting myself cause im just TAHT egotistical. :)

  3. hey! how are you?

  4. hi! how are you?

  5. for exams, yes. i start studying for my SAT after i finish worrying about my phys. exam. study session starts in 10 minutes. :/ meh. i like to procrastinate. :D

    awww... :/ dont worry, theres always a light at the end of the tunnel. even if you have to turn on a lightbulb to make one. :)

  6. *waves* how are you?

  7. HI!!! :D :D :D

    hows life?

  8. ...i meant to say "hows life?" whoops! GAH. EXAM TIME! sorry for inturrupting you. ill talk to you in the summer...byeeeeee!!! (or sooner - it depends) :)

  9. ...i looked at the comment below and realized that pms should really be PMs. like personal messages. not pms. sowwy.

    other than that little screw up, hows like home skillet?

  10. has a horrible sunburn :(

    1. TheCube


      I just put on some lotion.

    2. Auramyna


      That sucks! Well at least it's warm there. It's winter in Australia...

    3. peace*out


      good. just keep on doing it - its been half a week and my skin hasnt started peeling! :D

      oh. true. its mostly rain now, but that one day...ahhhh... :)

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  11. np :) sorry for the missunderstanding. :/ *agazillionhugs*

  12. oh - and the reason why i didnt reply is because you posted at 4am for me. i was sleeping. this is my ONE DAY to sleep in!!!

  13. ohhh...sorry, i didnt realize thats what you meant by "emotional stride." I thought you were trying to say you didnt do it, and i just like to prove my point. :P

    YOURE STILL MY FRIEND!!! *hugs* youll always be my friend. i just like to be right. sorry. its not good, but either way...meh.

    sorrrryyyyyy!!! *tacklehugs*

  14. CLASSES ARE OVER!!! i still have exams but CLASSES ARE OVER! :D

    1. peace*out


      so should i...buttttt i probably wont. i turned it the last of my eng. portfolio today, just 4 exams left!! :D

    2. Auramyna


      There's nothing like that feeling when they're all over... Or each time you finish an exam or assignment and that's one less. GOOD LUCK!!!!

    3. peace*out


      ahhh...i love that feeling...THANKS! :D

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  15. fyi - in terms of pms, i have about room for 5 more, then thats it. thats why i comment a lot. :P

  16. cubie has a broken heart?? :(

  17. if you have a deviantArt, please think about trying this. i promise you, this is not spam: http://operation-reiki.deviantart.com/blog/40598652/

  18. ...actually back? PLEASE COME BACKKKKK

  19. Hey! :) I saw in the youtube thing that you like rubix's (

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