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  1. hhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)


  2. Happy Birthday!!! :)

    why doesnt it show on fb??? :/

  3. Blabitty bla bla :D

  4. YOUR BACK YOUR BACK YOUR BACK!! :D :D :D *runs and hugs*

  5. Ive watched them a couple times with dorm-mates, but i dont really like them. it does make me happy im not pregnant though...

  6. suite life on deck. :) I think Dylan Sprouse is hot. not gonna lie.

    ummmmm...I have also been watching shake it up recently. I love disney. teen mom and jersey shore are not really my thing...

  7. :) I love watching them.
  8. I love disney...

    suite life on deck is probably my favorite :)

  9. ohhhhhhhhhhh...

    Ive seen that a couple times, i just didnt realize what the letters ment. :P

    What are your fav. shows?

  10. yeah...

    What is that? ive never heard of it. :P

  11. nothing much. being bored.

  12. hihihihihihihi

    wuz up?

  13. formal tonight...

    1. Guest


      how do you get a photo for your profile

    2. peace*out


      ...thanks :)

      edit your settings, and on the side, click the button to edit your profile picture

  14. :/ GET BETTER!!! it sucks to have the flu. The storms over - it was only going on for a few hours, but i still went crazy. :P

  15. no problem - and thanks for the multiple languages :D :D :D

  16. o.O wats a light rotation?

    nothing much...doing MUCH better in physics so im happy :) its long weekend for me, so i would just be chilling, but theres a thunderstorm. in the freaking middle of winter. and i think theres a chance i may have Astraphobia. I have more details of my wimpiness if you want them but other than that...yah. :P

  17. ...just realized that a least 3 out of my 48 friends are 16 year old guys...

  18. Dude - where yah at :P

    i havnt said hi in a bit :/

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