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  1. uuummmmmmmm...ok.

    now i just have to think of something. :P

  2. haha, your name has been cleared!! I hope you enjoy how much paranoia you made me feel. <_ i will seek revenge src="http://brainden.com/forum/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png" alt=":D">:P

  3. hey, i sent you a pm, and i just wanted to say thanks. :)

  4. nautical twilight avatar time

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    2. peace*out


      :o i would NEVER! Akriti's awesome! I'm not joking! WHY WOULD YOU THINK WOULD DO THAT!?? :o
    3. TheCube


      That was the first think that I thought of, my mother's phrase, when I saw the comment I was commenting about.

    4. peace*out


      ohhhhh, ok. im not THAT mean...i can be a b**** sometimes, but im not THAT mean! :)

  5. haha, a newbie with over 1000 posts!!

    I like it! :D

  6. *cought*9*cough* ...yes i know, im mean. but you joined wayyyyyyyyyy after i did. Plus i used to be addicted to here, and would post over 60 times in one day. :P but yeah - just double that, and youll get your own title!!! do you have any idea what youd want it to be I know that sounds stupid, but I like member titles, and i like changing mine around...i should probably do that soon...

  7. yay!!!!

    congrats on being a senior member!! :D

  8. I dont usually play mafias over there anymore, but if im on, i might check it out. also - sorry about stealing your role. I had fun though...i hope you did too. :P

  9. just saw your comment. fyi for hte future, people will only realize youve responded if you respond on their page. or maybe you didnt want me to respond. but im annoying. so i will anyways.

    but yeah...I can see them liking the kitty. I dont knwo what your like, but the kitty is sooo... cyut. so effin cyut. oh and congrats baddie *hugs*

  10. I realized i never said welcome to the den. so yeah


  11. hey - i went to currs page, and saw your post. the answer? 10.47 posts per day.

  12. I realized that both EDM and I are going crazy over your cat...

    Now I know how you get girls (Oh, look at this picture of my kitty, isnt s/he so cute???)

    But seriously - use that if you havent. :P

  13. Is rereading harry potter seven. for the gazillionth time

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    2. TheCube


      OK, I only have about 80 pages left on it (and I thought that #4 was long!!!).

    3. Aaryan


      Yep... There's a book called "Bunny Sucides", a comic where a bunny finds different ways of suidciding. In one of them, he orders OOTF and waits under the slit in his door. A package comes, and falls on him. XD

    4. peace*out


      yay! and that sounds...horrable fun in a funny way. is it funny violence? it sounds funny. :P

  14. DFTBA!!!!

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    2. peace*out


      haha :P

      just curious: do you know what it means?

    3. Akriti



      plz do let me know!!!

    4. peace*out


      haha, its nothing special, but it means Dont Forget To Be Awesome. Not everyone knows the acronym, but those who do are awesome. :)

  15. cool - good to know!

  16. does anyone know how i went from 50+ rep to -14????

    1. peace*out


      nvr mind, i found it. :(

    2. Aaryan


      just looked through it... looks like someone fixed it?

    3. peace*out


      yes i saw! :D yay!

      But before, every time i posted had a -1 on it. but thanks to whoever fixed it!! :D

  17. ...youre right. :)

    however, since "Hens chocolate then Peter one hundred and twenty five!" was on easter, you could say hens = eggs, chocolate - chocolate, and peter stands for peter rabbit, and that one hundred and twenty five = # of eggs in an easter hunt.

    now so random now, is it?? :P

  18. Easter: When the agnostic-athiest says its an easter miracle that the jewish woman brought chicken wings

  19. its the four didget code at the end of the dragons url

    www.dragcave.net/view/[four characters here]

    Ex: TJ09

    bEnT (

  20. ....aaaaaannnnnnndddddddd break is over. :(

  21. haha thanks. i leave random comments when im bored. its fun. :)

  22. school on tues...not ready for vaccation to be over :(

    1. Aaryan


      same... I have Spring bBreak in a week tho...

  23. hello- how are you???


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