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  1. I know......luckily some people in my class do to, so im not an oddity!!

  2. Hey - you share a birthday with 2 people in my class!!!! HI!!!!!

  3. HI!!!!!!! :D how are you!!!

  4. HIIII!!!!!!!! How are you?? (sorry i just LOVE to leave comments!!) Hiii!!!!!!

  5. Hey Izzy!! *pushes her* stop pokeing me!!!

    :P ur funny!

  6. Heyyyy..........

    How ya doin???

    i'm good.

  7. sorry i ment post!!

  8. at 5:55pm i posted my 200th comment.

    (i know it's silly to be happy about such a thing but oh well!!)

  9. Hi everyone!! feel free to leave a comment whether ur talking, complementing, or just plain insulting me. Or just saying hi!! Leave a comment anytime!!

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