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  1. i dont see it on their page...but either way, if its there and i didnt see it, yay, but its not the original person i was thinking of. as for the "your typical geek thing" i forget the answer to that one, so im going to be egotistical and say yes, i am #4...???
  2. peace*out

    ...but i thought that the pencil's lead was more like a watermelon than a cheezeit had a fire on his housing market?
  3. peace*out

    is it bad that my idea for going back in time would be to meet people before they got famous? yours are all about helping the world, and i want to stalk people before tey were famous. yes, im going to say thats bad. but yeah, maurice: PLEASE take some pictures. what does the machine or whatever look like? does it look like the tardis?
  4. true... so woon can be asdfasdfaskldhgkdbgkjdsbgsbf, and thats still a nickname. hmmm...
  5. peace*out

    Do You YouTube?

    I love Vi Hart! Did you know you CAN play snakes on the screen on youtube? Its so much fun to do that whie playing snakes. but yeah, i love her videos.
  6. nautical twilight avatar time

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    2. peace*out


      :o i would NEVER! Akriti's awesome! I'm not joking! WHY WOULD YOU THINK WOULD DO THAT!?? :o
    3. TheCube


      That was the first think that I thought of, my mother's phrase, when I saw the comment I was commenting about.

    4. peace*out


      ohhhhh, ok. im not THAT mean...i can be a b**** sometimes, but im not THAT mean! :)

  7. haha, a newbie with over 1000 posts!!

    I like it! :D

  8. *cought*9*cough* ...yes i know, im mean. but you joined wayyyyyyyyyy after i did. Plus i used to be addicted to here, and would post over 60 times in one day. :P but yeah - just double that, and youll get your own title!!! do you have any idea what youd want it to be I know that sounds stupid, but I like member titles, and i like changing mine around...i should probably do that soon...

  9. yay!!!!

    congrats on being a senior member!! :D

  10. peace*out

    but nonetheless, the bee speaks more than the nose as the pinapple says moo-ow
  11. google? when you realize the above without having to look it up...i know thats a bad one, but oh well.
  12. Yo hablo ingles y espaƱol un poquito... (i dont know how how to spell spanish though, so sorry if the spellings wrong ) basically, thats a "not me!"
  13. peace*out

    thats a really cool way of putting it. I like this, its sounds really...pretty. i dont think thats the right word to use, but i dont know what else to call it. poetic.
  14. whats the umbrella and mirror superstitions?
  15. peace*out

    you can never have enough monkeys. the 17th one is in a ball on the "you know you play too many video gmes when..." thing
  16. peace*out

    when your favorite letter is V just because of VVVVVV when you subscribe to a gazillion gaming channels so you can experience the game even though you dont have it.
  17. peace*out

    I think it would be the awesomest thing - i know what I would do. but i dont think it will every happen sadly.
  18. PLEASE put up more!! the funny ones are great, but yeah: more please!!! quantem physics is wayyyyy cooler. seriously. its awesome. ...when your friend pretends she knows the digets of pie and is reading them off her computer, you get really excited and start to show her a website that shows the first 10,000 digets of pi! ..and then she looks at you funny.
  19. peace*out

    I do understand this, and i like it, but i think thats like parallel universes...another interesting topic. I think theres something that says for every thought of doing something, another parallel universe is created in which you followed through on that thought, or took the wrong turn, or ran through that red light. everything changes. I do think that could be cool, but none the less, hard. Unless, of course, our universe IS a hologram, then we just rewind the image, but then again, you rewind with it.
  20. peace*out

    i dont htink so, for a couple reasons: 1) if we could, or if someone could do it publicly, some money hog would have made them by now and charged a fortune for it. 2)Other than lady gaga's outfits, i see nothing that is crazy super robotic without some idea how it got here. yes, there ARE crazy cool electronics these days, but i fully believe they are able to be made in this era. 3) paradoxes would be hard. 4) time is a human made concept. its really our way of calculating one change to another. the dictionary's definition I edited out most of the entry, and only kept in the things that could relate to here: so while "traveling through time" we are still in time. while we are going back on a timeLINE, we are continuing forward IN time. time slows down/stops completely near/in a black hole, but a "two minute jog" at the speed of light results in many many many years having gone by. I hope this made sence, but while traveling back and forth on a timeline is very unliekly, though very cool, i believe traveling, and more importantly EDITING time is impossible. has anyone see The Twilight Zone episode thing with abraham lincoln? (I think the episode is called Back There).
  21. true...is there anyway to get fb chatting or somehting going on? then agan, we do have pms... I did like shoutbox mafias on MM when i was active, even though i missed most of them. they were quick and you had to think. i think that could be really cool. so yeah. i like.
  22. you have your own race - and apparently, its the ultimate race. So it turns out, you're strong, smart, and superior to everyone else. who knew? so is your name ryan? ...or Aryan, and your username is A Aryan. or...? Im not going stalkerish, im just curious. I love that farewell, which is why its my name. however, i have 3 usernames i usually use, and since that's one of my oldest ones, whenever i see someone using it, i think, "hey - thats my thing, dont copy!!!" but yeah, thats awesome.
  23. Would it be possible to have a chatbox thread? it could be randomness, and i think theres a way to make it so posting in that thread (or forum if necessary) does make your post count go up so people wouldnt post there just to raise post count.
  24. peace*out

    Harry Potter Mafia I

    wow...im getting back into mafia. i love harry potter, so sign me up for that one too!
  25. peace*out

    Just Because Day

    dang, i missed you gotta date day too... i not excited for july 9th though
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