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  1. Sorry, you used Oceanus last night. Summonings cannot be used twice in a row.
  2. Sorry for the delay... Day 1: SomeGuy steps up SomeGuy walked up to the Temple of Mnemosyne and held out his hand. An orb formed in his palm and glowed in the afternoon sun. The Summoning left his body as he propelled it from his palm toward an elegant statue of the Titan. Receiving the Offering, Mnemosyne's statue began to crack and fall apart, but still remained standing. SG sighed as he descended back down the marble stairs. --- Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh 3) grey cells 4) IDNE 5) Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy 9) star tiger 10) Y-San Night 1 begins now. If no one minds a shortened night, we can do a 20 hour night and get back on track. If anyone wants the full 24 hours from this post just let me know and it will be so.
  3. aw, don't laugh at me... for the rules that carried over from the previous games, I assumed too much would be assumed
  4. luckily, you have 2 more hours to get one in now.
  5. Hmm. I think I may have left that out of the Game Rules... sorry. If it doesn't say 2 Independents max, then the Day should probably be extended since that's vital information. maybe GC can get on as well. Sorry about that. So, the Day is extended for 2 hours (is that fair enough?) and the official rule is: a team can only have 2 Independents max at one time. I'll amend the OP. sorry again
  6. yes. well, a team can only have 2 max at a time. ~just clarifying and 7 minutes... tick tock
  7. warning: you have about 15 minutes to tell me who you want to make an Offering to if it turns out that you get sacrificed
  8. well, seeing as how it's so close, I'll let the last 18 minutes go on. edit: now, 17 from this post...
  9. Indeed. Well, Bb said he'd be pretty busy until Thursday, but still get a vote posted please. As for GC...
  10. I couldn't resist seeing if this was correct or not . It went to Level 11 for me.
  11. that's how I felt about DaVinci Code, after which I decided never to read another Dan Brown book... and it looks like I was right
  12. A little more than 2 hours remain in the day.
  13. clarification: Demeter cannot gain Heracles' Summonings if he is forced to relinquish them because they are not 'Characters'.
  14. yes. he can guess for instance: odysseus will guess that zeus will summon artemis to attack itachi and your guess will be nullified. all that will show up in the night post as well. and of course, you can do the same to him.
  15. Oh sorry , I should have mentioned it was the Age of Heroes. It didn't dawn on me because that Age doesn't change anything. As for certain actions being left out, I only write about actions that impact other Players who would not have known otherwise. So, if Odysseus had not guessed Zeus - Hermes' action, I would not have mentioned it. I could write every action if that's the preferred way for the majority of Players, but I prefer to leave a bit to ambiguity, since if everything is spelled out each night, IDs would be very easy to ascertain. Poseidon, Aphrodite, Zeus, Odysseus, Nestor and Diomedes (if Sacrificed) can make an Offering to an Independent of their choice. If an Independent gets Sacrificed, they lose a Summoning and make no Offering (unless they have already been recruited) For those of you who are at some point likely to be Sacrificed today: Please remember to send me your Offering (if applicable) before the Day is over.
  16. yep. now you're on to something
  17. it did. messages can only be nullified if they haven't been sent when the Guess is made. In this case, Hermes was sent before Odysseus guessed it. I tried to write that section as Odysseus guessed correctly, but still couldn't stop Hermes. The same applies to you if you make a guess about Oceanus. and just clarifying: you're 1 correct guess from knowing Poseidon's ID and 2 correct guesses from recruiting him.
  18. no worries. on the bright side, you're 1 correct guess from knowing who Zeus is
  19. #2 was obviously correct.
  20. Well, I had no reason to think you didn't know that since you played last game and had access to read how these types of character's work. Anyway, it's basically moot since only #2 is correct, and that is one you had been guessing for a while now. Nullification would not have ever worked, since Hermes' message went out before you ever made the initial guess for that particular action. Please ask any questions to make sure we are on the same page from now on. It's tough to spell out every single possibility in the OP, so things carried over from previous games, like recruitment, I assumed were givens and/or would be understood by reading through the previous 2 games.
  21. Night 1: The Storming of Olympus Icarus dropped Diomedes onto the Heavenly pathway leading to Mount Olympus. The warrior landed crouched on his left foot and right knee, double swords strapped to his back in an enormous X. He looked up at his companions Odysseus and Nestor who had already been flown to the Great Heights by the Winged Icarus, and they welcomed him. Icarus: Good luck Heroes. This is where I depart. Demeter calls for my soul as we speak so I must take my leave. Odysseus: We are much obliged for your help and wish you a restful stay in Tartarus. Icarus: It will be, thanks to you three and your fallen brethren. Oh. Beware the Spirit of Hades. Word has it that he has captured some of your fallen comrades' spirits and intends to use them for his own bidding, perhaps even against you. Nestor: The bastard! I should have guessed he wouldn't fade away quietly... Diomedes: It's unacceptable for him to disgrace such brave and noble warriors! Achilles! Menelaus! Diomedes shouted up to the peak of Olympus. Tears streaming across his face as the winds picked up and began rustling and beating their cloaks like flags. Odysseus looked straight into the violent gusts, sensing Icarus descending back down to the Surface. Odysseus: Perhaps it isn't as bad as it sounds. If we could somehow inspire Hades to help us, our fallen friends may rejoice at this last chance to fight for our cause! Cheer up you two! We must have all our wits if we intend to dethrone Zeus. And that is a goal we share with Hades. I'm certain of it! The winds picked up to an incredible speed forcing the three Heroes to cover their faces and squint their eyes. It was literally breathtaking, as they gasped for air, Odysseus began to have reservations about this whole plan. His mind froze as he even forgot his pact with the Titans and the enormous help they could be in this battle to come. Giant thunder clouds sped toward the three, and took on the shape of Zeus. His eyes, holes in the clouds, allowing a brilliant light to shine through and nearly blind the Heroes. They pierced each trespasser with ire and hate. Words bellowed from the encroaching thunder. Zeus: Gods?! You three call yourself Gods now!? Begone! A massive three pronged lightning bolt shot from the mouth of Zeus' visage and exploded next to each Hero. They were tossed far from each other. Each as far away as could be from the other, but the blast was not powerful enough to send them from Olympus. As difficult as it seemed, they would have to find each other despite whatever obstacles they should encounter. That is, if they hoped to achieve victory here, in Zeus' home, where his power reigned supreme. --- Odysseus awoke, surrounded by boulders, and oddly enough, looked after by Hermes. He propped himself up on his elbows and called out to the Messenger. Hermes looked a bit shocked and sped away from the rising Odysseus, taking flight into the safety of the air. Hermes: I can no longer help you, Achaean. It has been decreed by Zeus himself. Odysseus: I know where you're going! To Poseidon no doubt! Hermes: Always the bright one... nevertheless you're still too slow to catch me! Even if I only possess one of my winged sandals, you'll never catch me! Odysseus rose with a final grunt of pain, stretching his back. "We'll see about that, Messenger, we shall see if I can catch you!" --- Zeus stood in the Grand Halls of his Temple. All shone with golden and crystal brilliance. His hands clasped behind his back. "Everything is set in motion. I'll crush these newly made so-called Gods... Hmph! Now if only my brother were a bit more punctual. I would have imagined he could Summon Ares faster than this... I will accept no fatalities this Night!" --- But Poseidon had his hands full, as he fought the cunning Brandonb. No sooner had Poseidon arrived at Mount Olympus, had he engaged in this battle. Most of Olympus was in awe at the presence of Poseidon, which was indeed a rarity and a pleasure, but not for Bb. The two fought the moment they crossed eyes. But Bb sped away from the Sea God each time he attempted a killing strike with his Sacred Trident. Luckily for Olympus, Poseidon had much more pain to dish out than only that which his Trident could stab. He spun the weapon over his head so quickly it looked as if the monstrous God held up a Giant's wheel. As Bb intently watched his opponent's action, the Trident came smashing down and divided the ground in two, the opening canyon rapidly approached Bb, but to both of their surprise, GC ran in between the two fighters, latched onto Bb and escaped with him. GC set Bb down in a cave, hidden from Poseidon's rage. Just as Bb was about to ask what GC was up to, he noticed an arrow jutting from his savior's thigh. He wrenched it free and GC screamed, but the clouded look vanished from his eyes. Bb: This is an arrow from Eros if I'm not mistaken. GC: Oh thank the Heavens... I couldn't figure out why I was so attracted to you... phew... Bb: Yea... (snapping the arrow over his knee) thanks for that, but I think I'd prefer to take my leave. GC sat back laughing. "Please do! Now that my senses have returned, I think I may take a stab at killing you myself." The two chuckled, but slowly their faces became serious. Bb did indeed leave GC in that cave, just as GC began unsheathing his sword, now with completely new thoughts cycling through his mind. --- Impervious stood slack-jawed as the effervescent Aphrodite swayed her hips walking toward him. "You? What are.. What... ummm... wow..." Aphrodite: Hehe. That's what I thought you'd say. A moment before she wrapped her arms around the smitten Impervious, Heracles's arms pushed the two away from each other. Aphrodite, startled at the brute strength of Heracles, fled while she had the chance. Impervious almost fell, but caught himself as his mind began to work once more. He thanked Heracles, but was only returned a shady look, as the giant left him. Heracles desired his safety, but he was not sure for how long that intention would last. --- Nestor and the spirit of Agamemnon conversed about how to destroy the beauty Aphrodite and her minions, but their plans proved useless for the night. Nestor remained uncertain, thinking that his old mind and body could most likely not resist her charms, thus making her a very dangerous opponent indeed. --- As Bb stealthily left the area of the cave, he felt the slightest weight on his shoulder. Looking up, his eyes widened to see that Clio had gracefully leaped up onto him without even his notice. Clio: You won't be making an actions tonight. Bb (smirking): You assume that I even intended to make any? ...How presumptuous. --- Having a purely awful time, Kat spent every hour of it cleaning the Augean Stables, wondering if even the entire Night was enough time for such a task. She wondered how this dreamworld even managed to surround her, but she knew one thing for certain: there was no escape until the task was finished. She sighed and continued on with the vile work. --- Two violent clashes were afoot during the waning hours of the first Night of the invasion. Diomedes held his swords high, ready to crash down on SomeGuy and the Siren began to sing her song, enticing GC to a very near-death experience. But at this moment, Poseidon finally readied himself to Summon the former God of War. From the frothing Sea, a figure of pure fire rose, arms folded across his massive chest. His eyes were firey daggers, ready to control and contort the fates of War once again. Breathing in the fresh air of Olympus, exhaling tendrils of smoke from his awakened body, Ares opened his arms to face Olympus. Ares: I command thee.. Stop! The Siren's image flickered and then drifted away like sand in the wind. Diomedes' swords hung still in the air, providing SG with ample time to escape. Diomedes looked off into the distance, toward the sound of that voice. Diomedes: No... No! Ares! The two locked eyes even so far away. Ares felt a mixture of pleasure at having defied his enemy, and aggravation that he was too weak to kill him then and there. Ares' spirit waned and eventually vanished. Both Poseidon and Zeus felt each other's satisfaction as the Sun began to rise over Olympus. --- Roster: 1) Brandonb 2) dawh 3) grey cells 4) IDNE 5) Impervious 6) Kat 7) Prof. Templeton 8) SomeGuy 9) star tiger 10) Y-San Day 1 begins now and ends in 24 hours.
  22. Well, we can't just keep waiting (at least I can't ). Commencing writing of confusing Night Post
  23. I'll extend the night a couple hours for you to change these guesses if you want. basically, your guesses are the only way to recruit your 2 teammates. Independents are recruited through the Offerings. I took this rule for granted since it was that way for the first two games. It's easy to imagine how much everyone benefits when you recruit the other 2 Heroes onto this hidden Forum. You can check out the last topics for Mt. O 2 to see how it worked if you want. Though this time is more difficult, having to make 3 correct guesses.
  24. Night 1 should be just about over. There's a little bit of questioning still going on, so I'll extend the night a couple more hours for that to be resolved and to write the post.
  25. Your third correct guess is very important. that's how you get Nestor and Diomedes onto this BTSC forum.
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