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  1. Thank you much. I must have done some miscounting along the way.
  2. How many 3-digit positive integers are odd and do not contain the digit 5? I got 320, but the answer that is given in 288. I just realized that I missed some numbers, but I ended up with 280. I would greatly appreciate if someone could explain why the answer is 288.
  3. Check out this hint again. When you figure this out you should know the gender of the person refered to in the riddle...and what they wear.
  4. Well that is odd. It keeps changing what I type.
  5. The answer hasn't been posted yet.
  6. Nope, not bullets. I'm looking for a person. Could be real or fake alive or dead male or female.
  7. Nope. It is about a single person. Look back at my last hint. I'll add a few more lines to it.
  8. No to both and it is about a person.
  9. Granted, the day you mentioned is actually 4 days afte........ I wish I had time to finish granting that wish....
  10. I'm gonna stick with seat one. I'd have about a 15.5% chance to win after getting my second card. Then I have around a 55% chance to not bust on my third card. I did it all on paper so I can't really go much further without getting the computer into it. I may try to do this as I have time, but I'd have to do it on excel because that's all I have at work and I wouldn't know how to write a program to do it for me.
  11. I guess I'm gonna jump on the Violet train as well. Or at least say that B-kun believes her to be the murderer.
  12. B-kun had just finished speaking to Violet. In his mind he says 'She liked to cook too...' Now she could refer to Violet that isn't a real stretch, but the word liked is what causes to me to rethink this. If he had thought 'She likes to cook too..' then Violet would most likely be the killer he was thinking of, but liked...this causes me to think it may be an old acquaintance, ex wife or someone else from their past.
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