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  1. Your wish is my command. After a number of minutes with no changes you question where your virtue is. With a smile I say, "I guess you will have to wait and see..."
  2. Your wish is my command. The threshold is....how about 60. Your IQ has to be lower than that to vote. Plus it is illegal to require someone to take a test to be able to vote so enjoy prison.
  3. I know I'm enjoying it. It's fun find holes and exploits in people's wishes.
  4. Your wish is my command. Well everything detrimental that WOULD have happened yesterday didn't so it will all happen today.
  5. Your wish is my command. The dishes begin to wash themselves in the sink and put themselves away....but they forget to turn the sink off. Your apartment/house is now flooded ruining everything and your water bill is astronomical.
  6. Your wish is my command. They are 43 3 23 5 32 12 56 8 32 12 12 34 54 7 6 32.......etc. in no particular order.
  7. The difference I see between the video and Pascal's wager is that in Pascal's wager those really are the only posibilities. Either God is or isn't and either you follow him or you don't.
  8. As far as the video goes, I think the problem comes with working with only the extremes. Absolutely nothing happens or the worst thing imaginable happens. We take no action or we take extreme action. So the analysis of the situation, the possible outcomes and the number of possible actions are limited.
  9. But I always give you what I think is the best thing for you...
  10. Your wish is my command. You are now morbidly obese. Mwahahahaha!!!
  11. Your wish is my command. You had the powers yesterday. Too bad you didn't know about it.
  12. I'd say 'Can you find all the roots?,' but I know this will get solved. This problem was posted a few years ago in the math department of the college I attended. I got a math club t-shirt and a certificate for getting the correct answer. Find all the roots of the following equation without the use of technology.: x6sin(x)+240-14x5sin(x)-308x+69x4sin(x)+22x2-126x3sin(x)+126x3-22x2sin(x)-69x4+308xsin(x)+14x5-240sin(x)-x6=0
  13. Your wish is my command. I shall bury you in a mountain of pennies.
  14. I think this is where I would start. Still working on Q#2 and 3.
  15. How......? I had no clue where to even start on this one. What was your process for finding the numbers?
  16. Rob_Gandy

    Obscure Jokes

    Q: What's a triangle's favorite pick up line? A: Hey baby, what's your sine.
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