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  1. How do you do the 'spoiler for' thing?
  2. What do we need to find out?
  3. You are accused of murder. The judge says, "I will ask you a question. Answer truthfully, and you will be shot. Answer falsley, and you will be executed." You answer the question and don't die. What is the judge's question? Why does this keep you alive?
  4. As you sit in your office eating a doughnut, your phone rings. When you pick it up, a woman starts to talk. She tells you her neighbor is dead. You stop by and see he is lying on a table surrounded by bycicles. How did he die? After that, the woman calls you again. Her other nieghbor is dead. All you see is that he hung himself and there is a puddle of water on the floor. How did he die? (Man, that poor woman. All she wanted was some sugar)
  5. I am in every month and every season but summer. Whar am I?
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