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  1. It's a very nice puzzle. I agree now that I understand the OP a little more.
  2. Well the first one is fairly simple.
  3. No clue about how to come up with a formula, but I did draw it out. I didn't really think about the height of the plane though....oops Edit:bad tags
  4. Rob_Gandy

    Liar Game BD

    I think we pay back the money with flesh if we end up negative so we have to at least try to break even.
  5. Rob_Gandy

    Liar Game BD

    Liar Game BD Round 3 1. Jay 2. Framm 3. Brainy 4. Molly 5. Phil 1882 6. Panther 7. Rob_Gandy 8. I'll remember to participate this time....
  6. Rob_Gandy

    Liar Game BD

    5. Rob -possibly If it starts the next couple days I may have to sit out. I'm have surgery tomorrow and will probably not up for much tomorrow or Thursday.
  7. I'm assuming it has to have atleast one 4, 5 and 7?
  8. Rob_Gandy

    Liar Game BD

    Let the traitoring trading begin.
  9. Well darn. Shows how much attention I was paying...
  10. J H? I'm still in. I just didn't think it was my turn till now.
  11. Rob_Gandy

    Liar Game BD

    1. Panther 2. Brainy 3. Phil1882 4. MollyMae 5. Framm 6. Flamebirde 7.Rob_Gandy 8. ... Why not?
  12. ply, task, vitamin - _____ Things preceded by multi- verse, glory, jelly
  13. This problem recently popped back into my head. In one of my college calculus classes while working on sequences we came across the sequence 0,0,1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,... and if I remember correctly we were told there was no closed form equation for it. But, I found one and presented it to the class. a[n]=(2n-1+(-1)n)/4 n=0...infinity My question is: Is there a closed form equation to define the sequence 0,0,0,1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3....? If not, why not? Just wondering.
  14. without claiming that nothing is something
  15. moderator: phil1882 sign ups: player 1: Framm player 2: Brainy player 3: Rob player 4: player 5: Count me in. This sounds fun.
  16. Good to know it can be solved. I'll keep working to solve it myself.
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