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  1. sorry all for not being tooo active. Am back.
  2. 5 pages without my presence.
  3. So Game started, first to post!
  4. So what you choose? - Go back and examine the nail? - Peek at the giftshop man - Something else. (hopefully better.)
  5. Anon26

    Dumbledore: Shadow7 McGonagall: TheCube 1. MiKi 2. Zweefer 3. Thalia 4. Nana7 5. KlueMaster 6. Akriti 7. Medji 8.kaniac 9. Anon26 10. yoDell 11. curr3nt Jumpin in..
  6. Anon26

    One Up Me

    I am the ruler of the world....tho markings arent too clear
  7. What bout me, You baddies satisfied killing me N1 ?? And way to go goodies!
  8. Anon26

    One Up Me

    My gun was the hand of judgement.... before I got Parkinson.
  9. Anon26

    Newbie Mafia

    @Nana7: Np, We can compensate for another player. Hosts: Molly Mae & Anon26 1. Petrus 2. tolecnal 3. Elfen 4. TheCube 5. mboon 6. Slick 7. Zweefer 8. km1 9. Bong A. Artificial B. Nana7 Backup: 1. Hidden G 2. Aaryan 3.
  10. Good defence means you can prove that you are not a baddie... 1. Through night post. (In looney tunes, Maurice's role was restricted to only one possible baddie just by the night post. He was blocked, while many baddie actions occured.) 2. Voting pattern. It can also help. Can show you aint a baddy. Put it with something else. putting it Alone makes it sound hollow. 3. finding evidences against other, to get the mob off you, to someone else. 4. Hinting role. (not at all advisable but is necessary at times.)
  11. is excited over his first Mafia co-hosting.

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      Hmm, mis-spelled 'big' twice in one comment.

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      Molly Mae

      Heh. You said "nig"

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      Heh. So did you. =P back atcha.

  12. Anon26

    I mentioned this earliar. My Guess Akriti,
  13. Anon26

    One Up Me

    had a blind date last night. It was like a Tom Cruise movie....flop!
  14. As Leslie heard the footsteps, her mind raced for what to do next. Feign herself being tied, and act as fainted. The steps came nearer. "No time to pick up the ropes" she thought, and she ran to her initial position. Nearer. She ran, and with final leap, jumped to the wall, and slumped to the ground. The footsteps stopped at the door. She put her hands and feet together, to impress the newcomer as she is tied. Looked at the door. Clinking sound came from door, a key turned. She closed the eyes as a tingle of fear clouded her heart... She didnt opened her eyes until she was picked up by the man. She opened her eyes a little. And kept her feet and hand together. The man had proved his unobservant nature yet again, unable to notice no ropes around her hand or feet. His mind was certainly somewhere else. He was muttering something. As the man almost took her out of the room, Leslie heard something... SIRENS..!! POLICE SIRENS Her heart lifted, the cloud of fear dispersed. It was only after a few steps when man was out of the room, did he actually heard it. Stopped. Realised. He then with a sudden Panic dropped Leslie to the ground (thinking that she was still under the effect of the choloroform, he administered), and ran to the main shop. Leslie judged that the sirens were still somewhere away. The man had gone to the main shop, he may come in any moment. But then there might be police somewhere near, "maybe the walkie talkie?..." Leslie thought. But it was no time for thinking. What should she do??
  15. Anon26

    Height of Confusion: Two earthworms playing Hide and Seek, in a bowl of spaghetti !!
  16. Anon26

    Height of frendship: Dad: Where were you last night? Son: At my friend's place. Dad calls his 20 friends. 17 of em said he was with them. 2 said "he is still here, do you wanna talk to him?" 1 said, "Yes Dad, What's up?"
  17. Anon26

    One Up Me

    Our relation is like a fiery tale......yup, thats a fairy tale gone wrong.
  18. @FB: Any faction can recruit the indies to their own faction. The particular indy, win or lose, according to his/her faction. If indy remains unrecruited, his wincon becomes to be alive till the end of the game.
  19. OOC: You guys ought to have asked about throwing the paper earliar. Nobody did. Kudos to Miss Kitten for atleast bringing the Walkie Talkie back in the picture.
  20. After opening the box, Leslie decided what to do next. Her thoughts went again to her walkie talkie. The walkie Talkie she have thrown in the dustbin... wrapped in the piece of paper with the message scribbled. It was a thing she have heard somewhere. She had kept the communication from the gadget open. She had heard that a walkie talkie can be traced. But now she was confused. Had she done something stupid ? Would Maggie inform her Parents before the battery would run out ? Was she even in the Giftshop? She hurriedly walked towards the window, to look and have an idea. As she neared, she tripped from a nail portruding from the floor. Not hurt much due to her light frame, she got up and proceeded towards the window. She was relieved to find out she was indeed in the Giftshop. Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching to the door of her room. What does she do??
  21. Anon26

    @MissKitten: There will be another one.
  22. Anon26

    Share it whatsoever, Akriti. Majority of mine are childish poems. These good ones pop up once in a while. SO. SHARE IT!
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