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  1. As Leslie backed from the door, Her mind was made. To go and fetch that Walkie Talkie. She went for the Backdoor, and as she reached the door, a large figure came in. The figure looked at her for a moment.. then shouted.. "The girl is here." "Really," a shout came from a little faraway followed by sounds of running feet. As another man reached the door. Police. it struck to Leslie. The man in the main giftshop then came out. Leslie stood between the police at the backdoor, and the man on the door to the main giftshop.. "What ya doin on my property ?" the man snarled. "Its the Police" one of the policeman replied. "What ya doin on my property" the man repeated. "What ya doing with this girl?" the same policeman shot back.. The Giftshop man was taken a back, and looked at Leslie. It was time for Leslie to speak up..
  2. Anon26

    One Up Me

    Football is a lazy sports....
  3. Anon26

    Newbie Mafia

    Hey Cube... Baddies won last TMM..
  4. Hey Nana.. you said that I have outted myself.. Well, I havent. Let me make it clear, I dont drop hints without reasons, neither I have dropped a single hint till now. If anybody is finding hints, they are a total coincidence. And Also, I guarantee you all I am not the indy. Also I wrote a post before that "Nana 7 is strucking me as odd" I didnt want to elaborate it then, but my reason were the very same Aura pointed out. Firstly I thought that one from Yodell and Nana is Hermione. Now as Nana is defending Yodell, I think they both are baddies. Maybe this can explain the unused block.. My suspicion are what I have thought till now. They may change by the day in view of the nightpost.
  5. Good Night..for now..
  6. Nana, the thing I mentioned, it was partially to figure out the goody spy. If Goody spy founds a baddy, the person will sort of drop hints to the identity of baddie. And these hints would be easiar to find and be more confirmed, if we know who spy is. So that was my one motive of the act. What I want to say is that, spy needs to drop some sort of hint... Also, spy would never naturally out himself and he shouldnt do it. Or goodies would be more prone to lose.
  7. Well, just saying my thought, Nana7 is strucking me as odd..
  8. So Nana7, you wrote some nice thing. I wanted Zweefer to out his one unique role (by unique I mean "not dementor"). If he was a baddy, and claimed one role, the original possessor of that role would then sort of know he is the baddie. If he would be intelligent, he wont counter claim, but would put a vote on him. By noticing the vote pattern of all players, (that is how many times they have changed vote, and all) I thought it could be possible to not only know if Zweefer is a baddy, before the end of the day, but it would also allow me to findout the most powerful goodie role. If he would be a goodie, he wont take the bait of treelawny.. Thats why I was forcing him..somehow. This could be stupid, but I did what came in my mind.
  9. We lost a powered goody... it sucks..
  10. Anon26

    @Dark Magician: That was funny.
  11. Anon26

    One Up Me

    Life is a stupid waitress; my meals are less, bills are high, and when I am done, I regret my course.
  12. @MissKitten: Just AVATAR theif ?

  13. This is the exact thing I thought would come from you... or rather, from your Baddy friends.
  14. Judging from what I see in the telly.... musician are people who cant sing... and I am pretty sure they arent poets...

    1. Auramyna


      Musicians can sing. The ppl on tv aren't musicians.

  15. Judging from what I see in the telly.... musician are people who cant sing... and I am pretty sure they arent poets...

  16. Anon26

    One Up Me

    KM you are up!
  17. it appeared in nightpost. KM. it was there. plant in the meadow = tree lawn y Roger
  18. I say, Zweefer is that plant in the meadow. or a baddie.
  19. Are you dementor? and hence pointing at Yodell? who claim to be one herself. This would explain it as well.
  20. Are you the plant in the meadow? that would explain it. Which will mean yodell is a baddy.
  21. Anon26

    Crazy painter: secret agent squirrel Wombat Breath: "Cop Helps Dog Bite Victim"
  22. Dumbledore: Shadow7 McGonagall: TheCube 1. MiKi - voting for Yodell [bandwagoning ] 2. Zweefer - voting for Yodell 3. Thalia 5. KlueMaster - voting for Zweefer 6. Akriti - voting for Yodell 7. Medji - voting for Zweefer 8. kaniac - voting for Yodell 9. Anon26 - voting for Zweefer 10. yoDell - voting for Zweefer 4. Nana7 – TRAPPED D1 by Draco 11. curr3nt – DEAD killed N1 by Harry EDIT: forgot to remove the quotes
  23. KM: Many people voted for yodell. On the roster on this page, 232 post no. by Zweefer. If Yodell was to be a baddy, then, Medji and Thalia are in with them. and Maybe you. (those not voting) The thing is, they dont strike me as the baddie bunch. Hence, either I would go for Akriti, or Zweefer. (but going for Zweefer as said) There is a post by Zweefer, which I just realise, which is making him look bad. Changing my vote on the next post
  24. Anon26

    unreality: dun dun dun
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