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  1. Another thing, I as Trelawny, had almost nothing to offer to the goodies: D1: I spied Medji and Thalia, and was told no one did a thing. D2: I was blocked. D3: I was killed. As Medji outed himself as Pettigrew, and early claims are usually right, I had no advantage of knowing that Medji didnt act.
  2. Hey KM. The only I time I realised you were baddy was when Thalia Admitted being Snape. When I in D1, voted for Yodell, I had made my mind, that whoever would distract the thread for voting for her, I would consider that person a Baddy. And KM, you did that in such a clever way, that fooled me. Very Natural. And I noticed, apart from our First game, we were never in the same factions.. ^^ I will keep this in mind
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    This is good...
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    One Up Me

    I second Bong. I didnt put up mine, after reading MoMa's.
  5. He have been recovered. Its no test. Read the epilogue. It says that he is there with his parents. I dont know why you guys were considering it as a test?
  6. "Where am I?" Leslie opened her eyes and looked around.. "Ah yes I was in the Giftshop," she remembered, "Trapdoor!" she recalled the last thing.. She looked around again... It was her room. Her nice clean, cosy room. and she was on the bed. "How did I get here" she thought. She got up, and went to the lounge. And was surprised to find Maggie and Steven with there parents there. Her Dad too was there. Maggie was the first to notice the Leslie entrance, and ran to her, giving her a big hug. "Woken up atlast" she asked. "O there you are, my little Princess" said Leslie's Father from the corner of the room. "Getting kidnapped to find the kidnapper!" laughed her father, "What did you think you were doing". Leslie mind, was still not completely clear, leave alone finding an unexpected Party at her house. So before she could make more of comprehension, another voice came, "She is indeed a brave girl, I tell you Adam, " the voice was of the Stevens mother, "What she did for Steven, that was so nice" she continued. "Only Brave Jayne? She is brave and intelligent," this time it was Stevens father, "Handling that man, uncovering trapdoors, finding drugs..." Leslie, who still was still confused, now remembered that mysterious green tinted bottle, and so suddenly spoke up: "What was that bottle" she said. "Ah that," her father replied "That was chloroform, and I tell you, you have had enough of it to last a lifetime" More Questions were asked, answers were followed. Atlast his father spoke, "Wont you like to play that Moonlight Sonata?" Leslie who was now feeling a lot better, agreed. ~~~ Voices came from the 15th house on Barnis Street that day, from clinking of cups, to chatter, and finally into a melodious tune of Paino. The inhabitants were having a good day there. The sight became distant. Distant. The Melodious Rhythm still rang in the air. ~~~ Leslie woke up. She got up, and looked outside the window. The silvery moonlight of Barrio del Sol was to view. All was quite. But from distant land she could still hear. Hear the tune. The Melodious Rhythm still rang in the air...
  7. I meant answer to the riddle. (if it is a riddle)
  8. EPIC-LOGUE coming soon
  9. The policeman had hastily but efficiently, searched the whole building... No sign of the boy. But Leslie rather sat at one corner pondering... pondering, where Steven could possibly be.. "The nail" she thought, "The nail have something to do with this", Leslie was sure. She hurriedly went to the room, and the policeman, now thoroughly knowledgeable of the girls intelligence, followed. It didn't took long for Leslie to find out the nail, and when she saw it, she noticed that there was change of colour in the floor in a square. The policeman was noticing from behind, and suddenly exclaimed, "Trap door" He asked Leslie to be aside, as he pried it open, (with the crowbar of the Gitshop man..) As he pried it, Leslie began to look around the room and saw a dark green bottle. She had a closer look. "Whats this?" she thought. She smelled it. Wierd smell. ~~~
  10. I just noticed I have 5 stars in User Rating. A big "Thank You" to all who did this. =)

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    Now it is: Signatures...
  12. As Leslie the police and the shopkeeper conversed, Leslie cut them short, "There are drugs in that room" she pointed to the policeman. The man went pale, The policeman looked at her with unsurety. Getting tips about where drugs are from a seven year old isnt what they usually expect. But he knew who she was. The daughter of his boss. He smiled thinking of her in that prespective. "Yes, in this room. In the box full of toys" Leslie emphasized. The man was too shocked to speak. Leslie went into the room, one policeman followed her. She pointed to him the box she had opened containing the white powder packs. The man rushed forward. Picked up one, examined it. "Cocaine" he muttered, "Thats one smart girl" The Giftshop man was handcuffed and was gonna be escorted to the police car, when Leslie stopped them, "Ask him where is Steven?" The policemen, throughtly aware of the issue felt a little stupid. "Who Steven?" mocked the Shopkeeper. He knew he was gonna land in the jail but he wont give his enemy, the final satisfaction.. One of the policeman, throughly but quickly search the building. No sign of Steven... Where policeman have failed, it was a job for Leslie.... She knew, Steven ought to be in the building.. The man was taken away and a policeman and Leslie remained in the building. Steven was to be founded out..
  13. I wont comment on your intuition
  14. Sirius. Dont out yourself now. Do this in the Day..
  15. Key Chain tho is a strong proof, it isnt strong to force a police to raid and search a place.
  16. KM, and MiKi. You both invite Sirius to our side. (as goodies) because
  17. When I said Kill, I meant RID. I just want to say, he have option of being Reckless, if he find Snape. not good for us... Yup, but if he chose to cooperate then....
  18. We as goodies would want more of us to live. Sirius doesnt care. HE want to kill Harry, so he can take chances of killing goodies to achieve his wincon...
  19. Here's the post regarding scissor.. And again repeating:
  20. Hey KM. Pettigrew cannot be Night killed, so it isnt C3 or Aura. He is not Lynched. Which proves he is with us here. And hence it can be Medji.
  21. Seeing as it is with MoMa.

    Its Superb!!

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