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  1. The thing is. KM, Medji mentioned very early that he is giving hints.. Before Zweefer was lynched. He would never do so,as a baddy, as he can be counterclaimed. He hasnt been counter claimed, and we are sure that Pettigrew is still with us. (not lynched) Tho his conduct with Nana, and his defence for Yodell are against him. I dont see a reason, why he shouldnt be the Pettigrew.
  2. Hey KM. Medji is saying that I am cleared coz, I was blocked in the previous night, and all baddies did their actions. You probably missed it.. ANd I second Medji what he said of trelawny. She oughta speak up in the day..
  3. "This man kidnapped me" cried Lesilie in between. "You Leslie ?" asked one of the Policeman. "Yes" replied Leslie, "Leslie Young" "I never did" shouted the giftshop man. "This is a shop, any one can come into it." "Even in the Backroom?" the policeman questioned. The Giftshop man was taken a back. He suddenly said, "You have a search warrant? A arrest warrant? hah! Off my property, Taking witness of a minor for a public felony? You can't! " Now the policemen began to look a bi uneasy. The giftshop man was right. They just cam here by tracing a walkie talkie, and they might rescue the girl. But a criminal will go free, and probably the poor boy Steven as well.. Leslie's mind was too thinking. "The man used the word "search warrant". It seems to do something with searching... Why did the man said it? Was he scared of police, founding something? " Leslie began to think of things she had encountered in the Giftshop. She have to think fast and say now....or a criminal might escape justice....and with him.....Steven might be lost too..
  4. AM really really sorry.

    I had to givout the roles for TMM. and I got a bit tooo busy. updating right away...

  5. Anon26

    Newbie Mafia

    Oops.. Forgot to remove the quotes in the above one.. Adding rasar619 on his consent, in the backup.. Hosts: Molly Mae && Anon26 1. Petrus 2. tolecnal 3. Nana7 4. TheCube 5. mboon 6. Slick 7. Zweefer 8. km1 9. Bong A. Artificial Backup: 1. Hidden G 2. Aaryan 3. Medji 4. rasar619 Mentors: 1. Auramyna 2. Akriti 3. Shadow7 4. Thalia 5. KlueMaster (though my own mafia record is not worth mentioning) 6. Araver
  6. I seem to forgot this part.(in the book, read it long time back) This saves you for now Medji..
  7. Anon26

    One Up Me

    The pilot came on the intercom and said: "Hey folks, we’re going to play a little game of geography trivia. If you can recognize where we are, tell your flight attendant and receive an extra pack of peanuts." Quoted from
  8. You still havent change your interest tho you have played a couple of Mafias by now,

  9. Anon26

    One Up Me

    Quag, Your up..
  10. Dumbledore: Shadow7 McGonagall: TheCube 1. MiKi 2. Zweefer 3. Thalia 4. Nana7 5. KlueMaster - voting for kaniac 6. Akriti 7. Medji 8. kaniac 9. Anon26 - voting for kaniac 10. yoDell 11. curr3nt Helping mount pressure. Tho I may change to Medji later.
  11. And I tell you, Molly is very supporting and helpfull... I feel lucky to be co hosting with him

    1. Auramyna


      Aw, isn't that sweet? Molly is SUCH a good actor! ***aura does a set of hand movements a cross between a secret handshake and "i'm watching you" to Molly***

    2. Hidden G

      Hidden G

      i'm not understanding a thing here,i guess this is between u guys.

    3. Auramyna


      Just saying that if molly is acting nice, he must be a good actor and then i'm like "i'm watching u molly" and then a secret handshake.

  12. I dont get the "AXES"

  13. I wont out much. Any side can win. And I really worked hard on D/N posts...

    and thanks..

  14. Also, for future.

    When somebody comments on your profile, you oughto go and reply on their profile comments. I would never know you replied here. It was by chance I saw it.

  15. Its the TMM.

    The Game thread is up. the theme is Council of WW2.

  16. Anon26

    Newbie Mafia

    Hey rasar, You are a bit too late for the TMMV. (Trainer Manual Mafia) but you can still be a backup. that is, if someone is inactive, you take his place. As roles havent been given out, and there has been a large gap between signups and making the game thread, there are high chances of inactivity. You might be prefered as this is your first Mafia. Once you are playing, you will have a mentor. So no worries..
  17. Indeed, Good job Snape. Now much can be deduced from Nana's post.. I say, she was defending Yodell to actually save herself. which sort of clear Yodell (not completely) She vouched for Medji, which means Medji is suspicious in my books. Medji defended Yodell, which sorta saved Nana. medji said he handed out hints. While I couldnt find them (actually couldnt find 10 of em) I was thinking that if Nana have got Medji's role, and Nana is a baddy, then that would mean that she might go for him.(if he is a power role). So either Medji do not have a power role, or is a baddy. (Just my thoughts..)
  18. If I were snape, I did go for....hmm...Lying low?!...(probably)
  19. Anon26

    Newbie Mafia

    Game thread had been set up. Game will officially start and roles will be given out after HP3 is over. Backups, and Mentors, are still welcomed.
  20. Aura, I truly agree with you. not just avoiding myself. I was the first person, to point out Yodell being Blocked, and Hermione not spying. Later tho it was ignored.. When night approached, I lower down my "pointing people out thing" incase, If I accidently point out right, then Baddies would kill me (Tho they still kill me). So I saved myself a para when I said "Nana is strucking me odd" First I considered Yodell to be a more of Candidate for being Hermione, But now Nana is looking more probable to me for reasons... And specially for Aura:
  21. My request to trelawny. Out yourself in the Day. If you have spied a baddy.
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