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    Hey no need bud, I seem very serious to some It happens.
  2. Anon26

    One Up Me

    Should I give it to KM, or should I wait more?
  3. Anon26

    This one had been up before, Tho in different words. Try searching up your riddles before posting them.
  4. Am working real hard for prepration of my Mafia... real hard..

  5. Zweefer, you right bud. Yodell cant be Sirius. edit Which makes Medji looks, a bit more bad.
  6. KM got a point, I did rather stick with Yodell for now. Its a long day. I will think over it. We atleast have a good proof of Yodell. But still, I may change
  7. @Medji: It will be italicized to indicate that the person is currently writing a post.
  8. Anon26

    Newbie Mafia

    @Araver: It was exactly the same thing I had in mind when I mentioned the "odds against specific act". And thank you for signing up. You sure would be a great mentor as you have been before.
  9. Oh, I just got the thing about spy-kill. Stupid of me that I didn't thought of it before
  10. Anon26

    DM: I am a potter fan!! Voldemort: avada kedavra!
  11. Anon26

    Found out this, some China guy's profile pic:
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    Hidden G's profile pic:
  13. If Yodell is Hermione. She might have thought Sierius is trapped. Hence wont speak. And she can out claim dementor. The dementors dont know each other, and if Yodell is a baddy, both dementors might think she is the second dementor. Even if she knew Sirius can speak, Sirieus have no advantage to say that he had not targetted Yodell. Siriues outing himself would be dangerous for him. So when Yodell claim to be dementor, As a baddy, it is a very safe claim. Almost natural for baddies to go for it.
  14. Not so convincing Yodell. You might be the Dementor, but then who would be Hermione and why was she inactive? I will think over it, My vote still on you till now.
  15. Anon26

    First reply my post 10
  16. ♪♫☼ Ha¶¶y Birthday ☼♫♪

  17. Anon26

    watching paint dry..
  18. Anon26

    You play civilization ?
  19. Dumbledore: Shadow7 McGonagall: TheCube 1. MiKi - voting for Klue 2. Zweefer 3. Thalia 5. KlueMaster - voting for Akriti {out of brotherly love} 6. Akriti - voting for Yodell 7. Medji 8. kaniac 9. Anon26 - voting for Yodell 10. yoDell 4. Nana7 – TRAPPED D1 by Draco 11. curr3nt – DEAD killed N1 by Harry Adding Akriti's vote Also another thing Akriti, If Block of Sir Cadogen is known, why shouldnt Ron block be known
  20. Akriti, I think it is because Night post states Trelawny spied. So why shouldnt Hermione be not mentioned? And Block should be mentioned. Tell me one good reason, why they shouldnt. If somebody is blocked, he is blocked, and that is a public knowledge. So why shouldnt blocker be known.
  21. Leslie thought she rather have a look on the man's doing in the main shop. She got up, and went to the door and peeked. The man was rummaging through the one of his cabinet very quickly, throwing backwards glances towards the shop's main door as he rummaged. The wailing of the sirens increased. He rummaged more and then took out a rusty crowbar. As he examined it, Leslie saw a keychain in his other hand. What should she do next? She knew she had seen what she should. The bar... what was he gonna do with it?...kill me? the fear once again clouded Leslie's young mind. The wailing of Siren increased....they were coming nearer She turned away from the door, to see what she can do. She might just play dead again.. Or just might run.. to the room? or outside by the backdoor? She was puzzled... but she gotta act. Maybe back into that room, Maybe outside
  22. @Zweefer: Day 2 ends after 2 days. (I believe.)(Lemme check it again)
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