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    UN Mafia III

    Yeah. . . I've been having a lot of duplicate posting issues lately. . . Since Araver answered no to both questions, you have all the information I have. I would guess if a block was unsuccessful, it wouldn't show. So I'm not sure what pressure on me will get you. But to summarize if you missed it: plasmid is not the Swede maurice is most likely not the Swede Guessing plasmid or maurice is the UK but I can't say that for certain Guessing US has picked even kills for obvious reasons
  2. Thalia

    UN Mafia III

    Players: 1. Thalia - voting for bonanova 2. bonanova 3. Molly Mae - voting for Thalia 4. Flamebirde 5. maurice - quarantined by Sweden 6. MikeD 7. plasmid - Invaded N1 by China Welcome vote to bonanova. plasmid is definitely not the Swede. There is the possibility of Maurice being the Swede but that's pretty doubtful. Going to guess the US picked kills for even nights since it wouldn't make sense to kill completely at random right off the bat. Missing a block in the night post and potentially a save. Do Germany and Australia's saves show in the night post if t
  3. HOST: Just to be sure, does save refer only to protect or to the save part of the trap as well?
  4. HOST: The OOA seems to say that the NK will happen before anything else. How does that work with saying it can be saved from?
  5. Since the roles changed, I'd prefer a new thread with updated roles for reference purposes. Or a link to the post that has them. Signatures don't seem to show up on my phone. Hopefully I'll be on a computer more. Maybe a link in the role messages?
  6. Daily maintenance? This is a daily thing?
  7. [spoiler=Test]Maybe it's a title thing. [/spoiler] As for nested quotes, I'm not sure what's odd about nesting. I've noticed if I want to include the spoiler in a quote with text, I have to have the spoiler open before quoting...
  8. Would that be so you can get more help from your baddie buddies? I'm on to you... Let the insanity commence... Hmm. If a baddie leaves, that potentially hurts his buddies. Too bad there's no backstabbing emoticon here.
  9. Still haven't found a way to do spoilers on phone so see quote below:
  10. I haven't been on MM in forever so I don't know how active things are over there. Might have to do some recruiting from that end. I'm still here from time to time but not as often as I used to be. Think I can be on more if this works out though. Hope you can get the people.
  11. Are we trying to figure out who "we" are or who the migrants are or both? If we're looking for the migrants, is "we" referring to people?
  12. Sounds good to me! Testing the waters (host): araver Players: 1.Thalia 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Backups 1. 2.
  13. No one else wants to take a stab?
  14. Bump. Any hints after a year?
  15. The school's computer system crashed that day. Teacher had a no late assignments policy and half the class hadn't printed yet. Printing has never been so stressful. I guess compared to them, my situation wasn't that bad. XD Great riddle though.
  16. In the quote because my phone doesn't do spoilers the normal way.
  17. They actually almost lowered my grade once. . .
  18. Except for the step by step, I think all of that is already spread throughout the thread. RDM would mainly be condensing.
  19. Ooh. So cyan 6, turquoise 10. Things started going a lot better once I had the odds and evens split and stopped using the standard grid. I think a large part of the challenge was having so many variables on a grid that if you make one mistake, it won't be immediately apparent. At that point, it's been easier to start over than pin down the mistake and all the ones based off of it.
  20. Guessing these are the wrong ones Updated guesses as the mentioned categories. Still trouble with cyan and turquoise.
  21. Ooh. Dividing by 0. My physics teacher did that once. Still not sure how. I can see how y-1=0 knowing the solution already. But how is that known to be 0 before the solution? What made you pick y-1 as opposed to anything else?
  22. @FUZZYI think he means if you list out their ages in order, there will be no repetition and no gaps. So ages 1-19, 2-20, 3-21, etc. Sum of ages, I would assume applies to eldest sons, not all males. In araver's solution, S is the sum of ages, X is the oldest son in the village, and Y appears to be the youngest. I'm not sure where the y-1 came from. If you don't get that either, here's another way of looking at it using the same 3 original equations. Probably just a slightly longer form of his solution. @araver Maybe a typo. 10*(Y-1)+10*19 = S = 19*(Y-1) + 19*10 The "
  23. Evens. Can't pin down a few things which makes me think some of these are wrong. Thoughts? Other answers?
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