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    Can you give an explanation? I can see how most of the lines fit but there are a couple that I don't understand.
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    Wow. I'm scared of passing out but that doesn't give me the same reaction. A couple of months ago, in one of my PE classes, I started to get really dizzy (because I forgot to breathe). I thought it was just a drop in blood pressure and that it would pass. Then, my vision blurred. The next thing I knew, I was on my back on the floor with people standing in a circle around me and someone repeatedly telling me their name and that they had medical training. Ever since that incident, I have freaked out whenever I have gotten dizzy. Is there an actual name for that fear? Athazagoraphobia- The fear of being forgotten/ignored or just forgetting something. I wonder if there is one specifically for the fear of forgetting to breathe.
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